A Clairvoyant Moment

We all have them, clairvoyant moments. but a lot of us blow them off or don’t listen to or honor them. Well, I had one several days ago that I couldn’t ignore (like the day my son was born).

I have been taking a class that introduces me to a variety of forms of metaphysical energy, such as earth energies and cosmic energies. I am finding the class fascinating and a lot of fun. We do exercises and spend time paying attention to subtle things. We tune into ourselves and each other.

As we were sitting in class, there arose such a clatter that after almost a minute, it became difficult to ignore. It was the huge, industrial heater that keeps the place warm. The place that was originally a warehouse space, now beautifully transformed into a handful of smaller rooms and a larger open area, as office, workshop and class space. You see, when the heater first starts up, and when it shuts down, it makes a racket. Most of the time, this noisy intermediate stage doesn’t last very long. But that morning, the rattle and clatter seemed to go on for quite a while.

As we were sitting with our eyes closed, listening to our teacher, she guided us through various different imageries, and all of a sudden, the words “rubber gasket” popped into my head. Yes, before class we had been standing around discussing what could be wrong with this behemoth heater. But, at this particular moment, I was deep in thought about something far from diagnosing a piece of loud machinery. It was distracting. “Rubber gasket.” There it was again! “Ok,” I thought. “I get it!” “Rubber gasket.”Ok! Enough already! I get it!” Rubber gasket would-not-leave-me-alone!!

Finally, when our teacher paused for a moment, I opened my eyes, barely able to put 2 thoughts together, put a hand half-way up (really not wanting to interrupt everyone’s train of thought), pointed to the heater, pointed to my head, and said, “Rubber gasket will not leave me alone!” “I’m sorry, but the words rubber gasket keep going through my head and they will not leave me alone.” There. I got it out. Phew! Finally the words stopped and we went back to our guided imagery.

After class, I spoke to the teacher about what had happened, and she said I might be right about why the heater is so loud. She’s going to have someone come in and check it out. (And heck ya! I’m curious to see what is found out.)

These moments happen to all of us. Maybe not in such an obvious way. But, if you get a thought or an idea that keeps coming to you, no matter how subtle it is (and most of the time, they are very subtle), pay attention. It’s the little voice in the back of your mind. It’s your higher wisdom whispering (or possibly shouting) to you. As long as it’s not something that feels wrong or very off to you, honor it. That is clairvoyance.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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6 Responses to A Clairvoyant Moment

  1. The more I practice Reiki, the more moments I have like the one you described. A thought that can’t be ignored that seems to “pop” into your head. Usually turns out to be spot on!

  2. Very cool! Good for you.

    I love getting in touch with my higher self, my intuition, my guides, God, whoever and whatever you want to call it. It’s all good. The challenge, is trusting what I get, especially when it’s very subtle. (Getting better at that, though).

  3. You are right! Trusting God is always the best weapon to fight your fears and hesitations. 😛

  4. Kyle says:

    Ok how would you define this particular event that has happened to me years back. The memory is so vivid i could never forget it ever. I understand this moment to be a clairvoyant moment. so if I am wrong then please explain to me what had happened to me. This is actually the first time of many events following in my life that i can actually remember happening in such a detail. Ok basically I was out in my garage playing darts with my dad and his friends. I was 13 years old. We had been playing for almost 45 mins. The dart board was positioned on a cabinet door that is to the right of the door way coming out to the garage from the house. Where i was standing i could see through the door and see the ending of our dining room table and then the start of our kitchen from left to right. I was reaching for the darts from my dads hands and it was very much like a movie that i had seen in my head. Still very aware of my surroundings and what i was doing. It was my turn to throw the darts. In this vision, during my turn i had see myself throw the dart, then it hitting the dart board. Second dart, i threw the dart and completely missed the dartboard and the dart went flying threw the door way into the house and at that very moment my sister walked by towards the kitchen. The dart hits her in the head. So all of this I seen or intuitively knew what was going to happen. I did in fact just continue as normal, because the vision, idea, my imagination….(clairvoyant moment) just seemed truly absurd. I was 13, i was like ya whatever inside of my head. I threw the first dart and it hits the board. Second dart, i throw and sure enough its flying through the air and is on track for the doorway into the house. Then at the very moment my sister walks by and the dart sure enough hits her in the head. She pulls the dart out, looks at it then starts freaking out. Shes crying, im in shock and awe. I even felt horrible, Awful, i was a terrible person. I still feel guilt in a small way for this moment. I felt that i had done it on purpose, cause i had somehow knew that this moment were indeed going to transpire. I was the worst brother ever. I still feel incredibly strange about this moment in my life. I look back and wish i could relive the moment, just so i could feel that again….. I knew the future. but ignored what was shown to me. Also other times in my life i had deja vu moments and actually remembered enough about the dream or where ever it came from, i remember specific things that were going to happen. A few times, while embracing the weirdness of the moment and the cloudy feeling i felt in my thoughts. like i was specifically trying to recall a specific thing, or action in that moment that ultimately ended with me benefiting in some way. Once while playing poker with buddies. I had a Deja vu moment and My buddy made a large bet. in an attempt to force me and the others to fold. And while trying to clearify the moment in my head, in my thoughts; i remembered that i called in my dream and the next card was the card i needed for a straight. When he made the bet I already thought to myself that i was going to fold. but when the Deja Vu feeling showered over me i felt compelled to call. its like i knew the card WAS going to come, I had the feeling within me that i was going to win. so i called. the others folded. And there it was the card i needed. Now these moments happen randomly through my life, but there has been so many occurrences of these types of moment. It truly facinates me. Is there any type of significance to these moments? I have so many questions, and i cant seem to find someone that can answer them or even information that can explain in detail so i can actually have a clearer understanding.

    • Kyle, I’ve taken some time to reply to you because I really don’t know a lot about deja vu, and I want to answer your question intelligently, and with some authority. I am forwarding your question to a friend who knows lots more than I do, hoping that she can help. Hang on and I hope to have some good info for you in the next several days.

      • Kyle says:

        I appreciate the response nonetheless. I didnt really expect it. The previous post before mine was over two years ago, so i wasnt sure if would get a response. now that i have i am somewhat overly joyed. I will get sometime of answer to my question. So that highly intrigues me. so no worries i’ll be here. Thanks again for even just an acknowledgement to my question. I have been wanting to ask someone for a possible better understanding of it. Merry Christmas!!

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