The Two By Four Upside My Head

Life speaks to us in many ways. Most of the time, it whispers. If you’re paying attention, you’ll hear it. If you choose to ignore it, the volume gets turned up. In my case, one of the ways life was speaking to me was in my lower back. Every so often I would aggravate it. And then, one day, I could barely move. So, I was introduced to a chiropractor who was amazing. After a few visits, I could move and walk again. I would go now and then for “tune ups.”

Then, several years later, I experienced what I have heard referred to, as the two by four upside the head. In my case, it came in the form of an eight foot long piece of 2×8 lumber. Life had a big lesson in store for me; and to turn me in the right direction, I was severely incapacitated by a majorly herniated disc in my lower back. I picked up the plank, twisted, and threw it. The next day I couldn’t get out of bed. This lead to months of excruciating pain, a few different physical therapists, a doctor who wasn’t very effective at pain management, and the discovery of a wonderful physiatrist and an equally wonderful physical therapist.

A year and a half later, 3 cortisone shots and 4 rounds of PT with the wonderful physical therapist, later, my back was much better. But it didn’t take anything to put me back into a place of excruciating pain and debilitation. I can totally see how people get hooked on narcotic pain meds when they have a back like mine. If I hadn’t had a kindergartener to take care of (and single-handedly, every other week), I probably would have become one of those statistics. And if I had been working a job where I was paid, I would have ended up on disability.

But, my path was to lead me to find another way to get out of pain. Along the way, I stumbled across an Energy Therapist and was intrigued by her offer of a free consultation. Since I’d been struggling with my weight for my entire adult life (and tried everything), I decided to go for this free consultation. A few months later, this woman had cleared a pile of emotions that had become physically trapped in my body, causing big time aggravation in my lower back. She taught me that when we don’t fully process emotions, and stuff them down, they lodge in areas of our physical body. Pretty radical, huh?

Along the way, I learned that my digestive woes, excess weight, bad back, migraine headaches, and other assorted aches and creaks, were all directly related to emotions that had come up during my lifetime, that were not processed. Are all of these issues hunky dory now? Not perfect, but worlds better for sure. And I am learning how to affect my own healing.

Let them flow, and let them go.

Dr. Bradley Nelson’s book, The Emotion Code, speaks directly to this issue: emotions that have been trapped, causing physical pain and disease. And even though I know from my own personal experience, the damage and healing that can take place because of emotions that were stuck and then freed, I recently came across another book that offers evidence of this, and describes it more fully.

Irene Kendig’s, Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead, is eye-opening. Mind blowing. Totally enlightening. Irene got together with Jana Anna, a spiritual medium, to interview seven friends and family members of Irene’s who now reside in the non-physical world. Their bodies have died, but they are very much still here, and share their wisdom.

What struck me in particular, was how several of the interviewees spoke of how they had not allowed certain emotions to flow, when they were alive. In most cases, they were taught from a young age, that feeling certain emotions such as anger and sadness, was bad. And as such, were not ok to feel.

They refer to emotion as just another form of energy, that exists in motion. Emotion= E nergy+ motion. It is when this energy is blocked (as is the case with all of our bodies’ energies), that pain and then disease are created.

Take it from Jared, a dear friend of Irene’s son. Jared passed over in his late 20’s, after having injured his back at 23, had 2 surgeries, and spent the rest of his short life on narcotic pain medications. He died as a result of internal organ failure. But when he passed out of his body, he was able to receive significant healing. He was also taught about how his inability to process his emotions contributed to his demise.

A direct quote from Conversations with Jerry and Other People I Thought Were Dead (pg. 148) has Jared responding to a question of how suppressing his feelings affected his physical body. “I mentioned previously that my parents were uncomfortable with certain emotions- disappointment, frustration, sadness, grief, and anger- so, as Physical Jared, I judged these as bad and didn’t allow myself to fully express them. Energy moves through the body when we express emotions. Judging them as bad stopped the flow, and instead of being released, the energy of these emotions stagnated in my body, like water trapped in a clogged drain. I spent more and more energy trying to keep these emotions at bay, yet they continued to build up. This stagnant energy was gumming up the works and eventually expressed itself as pain and illness. It’s the flow of emotion that keeps the life force moving smoothly through our bodies. Emotion is energy in motion.”

And that was just one nugget from a book full of gold.

What did I get out of all of this? Disease is caused by blocked energy. And emotions are another form of energy. Not allowing them to run their course, can and will contribute to physical pain and disease. Nowadays, I try like crazy to not judge emotions, but to let them flow in and then out. Hanging onto anger, getting stuck in fear, and plotting revenge are sure fire ways to do more than ruin my day. They could grow a tumor in me!

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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2 Responses to The Two By Four Upside My Head

  1. Powerful post! I am excited to check out those links and books now!

  2. Thanks Darla- I’m glad you’re excited. I really got a lot out of both books. And one lesson I had forgotten about, that was a direct result of blowing out my back, was to learn to ask for help. I couldn’t do anything for a while. And I also learned empathy for people who live in chronic (screaming) pain. It was more than tough.

    One thing I am finding, when it comes to uncovering trapped emotions and freeing them, is that there are many different ways to go about doing it. Some of my favorites are hypnosis and just using my own intuition (listening to my higher self, guides, whoever is there). I know that your meditation practice and intuition would be great for this.

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