My Spider Phobia

Yesterday, I had another Akashic Record Healing session with one of my favorite local psychics, Jill. She defines an Akashic Record Healing as follows: In this type of healing, essential energy that is missing from your energy space will be retrieved.  Why is it missing?  Because at different times during your life, you may have given up a part of yourself or been psychically wounded.  This may have happened during a painful or emotional event or at a time when you gave up your power to another person.  You may also have “soul” energy that become stuck and was left behind in other lifetimes.  During the healing, I connect with one of your spirit guides and together we travel to the Akashic Records to retrieve this valuable information. These energy “packets” may have been missing from your energy space for quite some time.  This information is then brought back, returned to your energy body, and integrated back into your chakras, energy channels and/or aura, bringing that part of your energy system into proper balance.

So, a person might have been abused as a child and had some of their essential energy taken by another person. Jill goes into a light trance and basically uses one of your guides to get it back. She talks about the energetics of the situation, so you can get a big picture view of what went on.

That said, near the end of our session, she asked me if I had any other questions. As an afterthought, I said that I had always wondered if I had died from a spider bite, because spiders freak me out. Not all of them, but some kinds. And if I find one, any one, on my body, forget it. Total freak out.

In fact, just this past week, I pulled up to our mailbox in my car, opened it up, grabbed the mail, and a spider that had been in the box ended up on my leg. There I was, pulled out of the driveway into our country road (with very little traffic, thank goodness), sidled up to the mailbox, facing oncoming potential traffic, freaking out because a spider was on my leg. I had to either kill it or get it out of my car- NOW! I ended up killing it. But even having the dead body in the car was a little bit unsettling.

Jill went back into her light trance, and the next thing, she was tuning into a lifetime I had lived a long time ago, in Egypt. When she tuned in, I was in my early 20’s, was newly married, had a warm and loving family, was living comfortably with servants, and was quite beautiful. With all that I had going for me, I lived with the idea of “things are too good- when is the other shoe going to drop.” I wasn’t able to just accept and enjoy my good life. For some reason, I believe that I felt I didn’t deserve it all. One morning, I went outside, sat down, and a very poisonous spider bit me on the left calf. I died within an hour from the bite.

Jill said that she felt the burning of my calf. As soon as she said that I was bitten on my left calf, I tried to think if I had any marks there, such as a mole, birthmark, or the like. Then I realized that the physical sensation in my left calf is altered because of nerve damage. Three and a half years ago, I severely herniated a disc in my lower back, resulting in the most painful sciatica I’d every had. When my calf was in pain, it was excruciating, intense, burning pain. Probably like what the spider bite felt like. Coincidence? I think not.

Just to make sure I don’t attract something like that into my life again, I try to stay in a place of gratitude. I am thankful for my family and life circumstances today. I am thankful that I’m not dealing with that horrible pain any more. And it’s all right and good. The chances of my being bitten and killed by a poisonous spider, where I live now, are very slim.

Last night, as I was lying on my bed, reading to my Little Man (getting some quality one-on-one time), I glanced over to my right arm, and what was on it, but a small, black, harmless spider. Did my phobia go away? Am I now cured of the heebeejeebees? Heck no! I freaked, but was calm enough to grab some tissues and kill the bugger! Then I jumped up with a big shudder. Sometimes the universe just needs a good laugh.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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3 Responses to My Spider Phobia

  1. That is incredible. I had chills reading your story. I’ve often joked that I must have died from a spider bite! I do believe we carry past life events into our next one and that memory is imprinted inside us somehow (much like Sylvia Browne talks about)

    • I think it was from reading her books that gave me the idea of checking to see if there was a mole or mark on that calf. And, of course, the idea that I was killed by a spider. When I put together the spider bite and the nerve damage, it was freaky.

  2. Heligirl says:

    What an amazing story. That makes all the sense in the world. I’m right there with you in these beliefs. I remember a very vivid dream I had as a young child where I was running across a field and there were a lot of grown ups yelling and fighting. I was very scared. There were lots of loud noises and smoke. I ran and saw one of the big tubes go “boom” and saw smoke at the same instant I fell over. I woke from that dream into another where someone was carrying me on a wheelbarrow but I couldn’t move. Years and years later in middle school history class I saw images from the civil war. It was then I realized I’d been killed by cannon fire in the civil war and somehow that memory carried over to play out in a dream when I was three. I’d not seen a cannon in this life before that dream.

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