A Bit of Hibernation

I’ve written five drafts for new posts since my last post, and they still remain in draft form. Partially completed, sitting, waiting. It’s a bit how I’ve been lately, not quite complete; in flux. I usually don’t delve into my own personal healing work until spring, when I have time and days are finally getting longer, with weather and sunshine on my side.

My autumns are usually devoted to family and my crafts. I make a few batches of soap and lip balms that support local schools and community centers at their holiday craft shows. I also print my nature photography onto note cards and 8×10″ prints. The fall is a time of slowing down outside, moving inside, and creating within the home.

But this year, my pattern changed. I decided to work on healing some big time reactivity that I noticed kept popping up in response to difficulties my Little Man was having around school.

As a side note, I now see very clearly that our children come into our lives as an opportunity for our personal growth. Whether we discover that and find a way to actually grow, is up to each of us.

Very long story short, I started my latest stretch of very active healing work in late August, and it’s been rolling along since then. With this, shifting a lot of my personal energy can be exhausting (I forget this after I’m feeling up to speed again).

Energy healing is a way of affecting your physical body, your emotions, your relationships, and more, by shifting energetic patterns that exist within and outside of your physical body. Here’s a drawing that shows some energetic layers that make up all of us. News flash: we are much more than our physical bodies.


Layers of your energy field, or aura.

When I do energy work, I am shifting patterns of energy that are things like beliefs that no longer serve me well. When I do that, after a while, it trickles down and affects my physical body (as with healing type 2 diabetes and acid reflux, and pain). Or it affects my behaviors (reactivity, addictive behaviors). I’m also releasing age-old patterns that have been passed down to me through my family lineage. For me, patterns that carried mental illness. They have stopped with me. When these energies leave my physical body, I can re-experience them for a short while. This can be a bit disconcerting because unless I know better, it feels like whatever it is (depression) is moving in and unpacking its bags. In fact, the bags are packed and it’s on the way out for good.

I haven’t studied the specific layers in the physical, spiritual, and astral planes in great detail, but I know how to create real change in my life. This link has 2 great, short descriptions of our energy body and how it relates to our physical body. If this sort of thing is interesting to you, look around the Hi-Fi info links on the right side of that page. Excellent info, and excellent healers. (I have personal experience with them).

The way I see things, we are all aware of our physical bodies, and spend the most amount of time, attention and money trying to help our physical bodies to feel better. After all, modern medicine has come a long way in developing all sorts of medicines and therapies to help our bodies when they are out of whack. I’m a big proponent of using medicine to help keep my body in balance, until I can do the healing work so the medicine is no longer needed.

We also know about our emotions because we feel them every day, all the time. And when the emotions we are feeling are uncomfortable enough, for long enough, we look to our medical establishment for help. This is where they are still in their infancy: understanding our emotional and mental bodies, and how to effect real, permanent change. And this is where energy healing really shines.

But the one piece of my own personal puzzle that I didn’t really think much about until about five years ago, is our existence on the spiritual plane. And what’s ironic, is understanding and connecting with our spiritual self is the key to everything: to life, to happiness, to healing, to feeling in balance. Everything. Our institutions of religion try to help us in this arena, but information about us as spiritual beings has become so skewed, convoluted, and mixed into out-and-out falsehoods, that I don’t have the patience to sort through it all to find the gold. I go directly to source (listening through my inner heart) and to people I know and trust who have a clear connection directly to source.

One day, I hope, our modern medical establishment will take a second look at things like “spontaneous remission” and “the placebo effect” because from an energetic standpoint, these are not mysteries at all. They have direct connections to our energetic bodies and our spirit.

With all of the shifting, moving, and healing that I’ve been doing, there have been many days this fall where I’m seriously dragging butt. Just making it through the day, has been a challenge way too often.

Home projects have stalled. Craft shows are happening without me. I’m in hibernation. It’s imperative to have down time and introspection now. Time for another nap.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 19 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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9 Responses to A Bit of Hibernation

  1. Everyone needs to recharge or you have little to offer. Very good idea to hibernate. This post was quite good so kudos.

  2. I’m with you. I need to slow down this week and try to get back into centering myself with meditation. Lately, I’ve been running around like mad, just crazy busy. I need to take time out to get back into Reiki, yoga, etc. I’m sure this will help me get through the upcoming holidays, too. Enjoy your nap!

  3. Susan, this is powerful stuff! Good for you for focusing on yourself and making change that needs to happen. Or, welcoming it in and processing it. It does take a lot of energy; it’s something I’ve been working on too. Change should be easy it seems, when we know we need to make a change, but it isn’t. Good for you for taking care of yourself!

    I’m curious, how does your husband and son deal with these phases as you process things? It impacts your family no doubt, and it must be hard sometimes for everyone to be supportive? I hope you’re getting the support you need her on these changes. Healing thoughts as you continue your journey.

  4. I SO hear you on hibernation. You are always so intuned to others….wonderful that you are tuned into yourself as well.
    All the best, Susan! xo

  5. Thank you Michelle! Definitely slowing waaaay down. And just to make sure I sit on my butt for a while, I injured a toe last night. Pretty sure it’s broken. Currently on my ass, foot elevated and iced.

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