Care and Maintenance of Your Growing Crystal Dragon

Over a year ago, I shared my wisdom of How to Raise a Crystal Dragon. With the passage of time, and moving into different times, I felt it was time for an update as Crystal Dragons grow and change at the speed of light.,d.cGE&psig=AFQjCNHTzU0hvNh7Tn_dpgmIvVuqQ7_y9g&ust=1411864591773829

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If Crystal Dragons are new to you, know that they are very special creatures, indeed. I believe I have one under my roof. As they grow and change, I’m finding one thing about these exquisite beings that remains constant, is their extreme sensitivity.

They can detect a myriad of vibrations with their scaly super antennae. Vibrations that register as feelings and emotions are received from a country mile away. Because of that, you best not lie or use deception when around them. When the sound vibrations that come out of your mouth are in dissonance to the feeling vibrations that emanate from your body, they know it and it ruffles their scales. Watch out, because they’re likely to whip their spiky tail around, and might swipe you, or worse yet, you might lose their trust.

Because of this, when you are new to a Crystal Dragon, they have to sniff you out for a while, giving you time to prove you are worthy of their trust. They do not automatically trust anyone. However, once you have gained their trust, it’s hard to lose it.

One thing you might notice when they reach a certain age, is they begin to outgrow and shed their scales. They eat a ton more, and require unusual amounts of sleep and down time. Once in a while, they’ll go through a sort of quickening, when they start shedding scales so fast that it’s physically painful. It’s tough to watch your dragon be in pain, but each quickening usually lasts only a week or two at most. During this time, it’s critical for your dragon to take a dip in the ocean, a lake, hang out in a forest, or roll in some desert sand. It will help the old scales fall off more easily.

Speaking of scales, these unique antennae also pick up radio signals from everywhere. I’m talking not just in the vicinity of where they’re standing, but across the globe and universe as well. Often the signals that are received are in language that the dragon doesn’t understand, and it can make for one confused and sometimes anxious dragon. As their teacher and mentor, it’s up to you to teach them how to install a signal filter to block out extraneous noise. It’s a multi-step process that happens over years, and you can do this.

A little bit more about their special anatomy is that their hearts are the most important organ in their bodies. You might think that the brain or stomach is more important, but for these special creatures, the health of their hearts is critical. They are made of pure 24 carat gold, and there is a thin gossamer thread that connects their heart to the hearts of everyone in the world and beyond. When their hearts are healthy, they are healthy. Their scales and eyes are shiny, their claws can remain retracted, they move effortlessly, and their golden hearts are wide open and sparkle.

When their hearts close down, they lose life force and can barely function. At worst, they shut down and die. The development of their wings can become stunted if they lose too much life force, especially during their first ten years. When Crystal Dragons are very young, their hearts are quite fragile and tend to close often. As they grow up and you mentor them, they are able to keep their hearts open and healthy for longer and longer periods of time. The state of their tails is a quick give away as to the state of their heart. When the tails are swishing around and are pointed up, they are doing well. But if you ever see their tail down and wrapped closely to their body, it might be time for some first aid.

Fortunately, first aid for a Crystal Dragon is very simple: feed it lots and lots of one thing. Love. It works like magic.

So, as your little Crystal Dragon grows, and its young wings are changing from little nubby wings into big wings, to make sure they will reach their full size and extension, be sure to keep its heart healthy. Feed it lots of love, an abundance of patience, and give it lots and lots of practice flying; so when those wings have finally gotten big and strong enough, your Crystal Dragon will know which way to head and you’ll be able to stand back and watch it soar.

Copyright Mariner2Mother

Copyright Mariner2Mother

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4 Responses to Care and Maintenance of Your Growing Crystal Dragon

  1. candidkay says:

    That is one fine creature! I’m sure in large part due to your care and feeding:).

  2. Beautiful! Your crystal dragon is so blessed to have you for his mama!

    • Thank you Michelle! He and I, we sure do make an interesting team. I don’t know if you know, but it was because of wanting to help him that I ended up having a spiritual awakening about five years ago. When I look back at the synchronicities that fell into place so I could wake up and then turn around and discover new ways of seeing my son and new ways to help him, it blows my mind little WASP mind.

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