I’m Still Amazed, Every Time

When I have a hypnotherapy session, I’m still amazed and blown away every single time that it works. Stuff happens. I have no idea if it could or would work for everyone, the way it does for me. I’d always assumed that it would, but with how intense the results of the sessions have been lately, I’m not so sure anymore.

For me, being in the hypnotic state is a direct pipeline to my subconscious. It’s a way I can communicate with information that doesn’t reside in the realm that we can see, hear, or touch. It’s a way I can dive in and energetically see what’s going on underneath or behind that which is physically seen.

My conscious, monkey mind, is quiet. I focus on my hypnotherapists voice, and follow her lead. She gets me going, leading me down a path and then lets me go. Then the magic happens.

I use hypnosis as a tool to get answers and to shift energies that are no longer in resonance with me.

The other day when I met with my hypnotherapist, my intention was to “see” what was going on with my unhappy liver and gallbladder. I know that once I can see what’s going on, I can heal (change) it. Before we started the session, I mentioned that I was a little bit worried that because healing my liver and gallbladder was such a big deal to me, I might hit a lot of resistance, and not be able to see what I needed to see. I also mentioned that I knew this was just fear talking, and that I had complete faith in her large toolbox and skill set.

Because her method of hypnotherapy is soul-directed, after the initial induction (relaxation) stage, part of her process has me connecting with that part of me that is connected with my higher self; where I can have access to everything I ever needed to know about me, all of my beliefs and how they were all created, and more.

Once that connection was made, I was directed to scan my body and just notice what was going on with it. As I objectively looked at my body, my arms and legs were unremarkable, I noticed that my heart was beating a little bit faster than normal, and that fear flashed through it off and on. And I noticed that some of my internal organs were working overtime. My attention was drawn to my liver.

When I looked into why my liver was working so hard, a picture came up in my mind, and I saw a wooden handled spear that had pierced my body through and through, going right through my liver. When I looked at my body, I was dressed in a suit of armor and then a moment later, I was wearing animal skins. It was like I was seeing two different lifetimes very long ago, with the same event happening. I had been severely injured on the battlefield. I knew that I had succumbed to massive internal infection from the injury that slowly and painfully killed me.

Along with seeing pictures and having the information of what happened come forth, the feelings associated with the entire event(s) came up as well. I knew in that moment that I had fought for leaders who created war based on their egos and fears. Their ideals did not resonate with my heart. I died a painful death for ideals and values I didn’t even believe in. And could no longer do this. Carrying this energy of going against my heart was killing me and I couldn’t go against my heart again; not for one more minute. Seeing this truth brought me to tears. Buckets of tears fell in a huge emotional release.

In that moment of reclaiming my own authenticity, when I looked down at my liver, I saw the spear handle sticking out of a brown, crusted liver. At first, I was confused. But when I grabbed the wooden handle, the crust came away with the handle, much like pulling the toasted cover off a marshmallow. What was underneath was a completely revitalized, pink, healthy liver, that was very happy. I knew that I was healed. The energy of needing to be authentic to myself was finally able to be free. That which had been carried over from previous lifetimes was healed.

With that resolved, I checked in with my body, seeing the very happy liver, and noticing my gallbladder was pale and still very much not happy.

When I asked my gallbladder what was going on, I saw a large white banner with big block letters: RESISTANCE. I laughed because I fully expected to hit resistance at some point, but didn’t know when, or what it would look like. At this point, I was directed to look at Resistance and see how it was showing up (other than being a big banner). When I asked Resistance what was up, I saw a three year old version of me throwing a tantrum. She was stomping her feet and pounding her fists.

I chuckled again because little kids having a tantrum don’t faze me; they don’t get to me. She didn’t want to tell me what was going on. Then I sat down with her, reassuring her that she was safe because I could protect her now, and she let me tune into what was going on with her. I tuned into fear and other emotional pain. “She’s going to kill me.” She being my mother. “They’re killing me.” They, being anyone who had ever pushed their values, morals, or agenda on me as a little kid. I was taught to be a nice girl. Nice girls don’t do that. Be nice. Don’t do that or be that way. You might see the truth of situations, but don’t speak it.

I could see that when I was little, every time I was programmed or indoctrinated, it killed her a bit more and more. And carrying that energy was killing me bit by bit. I saw that the gallstone had been created by this little girl, and it represented her energy, trying to survive. She was certain that I was going to die, and she placed her energy into the gallstone as a way to live when I died.

Then my truth hit me. The reason all the programming and indoctrination was killing me was because I DIDN’T NEED IT. I was born with a Christened heart, embodying Christ Consciousness. Boatloads of tears fell as my truth was revealed to me. I sobbed and sobbed with this revelation and new emotional release, barely able to breathe.

Having a Christened heart, I didn’t need anyone to tell me to “be a nice little girl,” or “don’t say this or that, it’s not nice.” My own consciousness was already completely dialed into Christ, Unity, Oneness. I saw that every time someone pushed their values onto me it was done out of fear. Our society indoctrinates children to act certain ways and to speak certain ways so they will be acceptable to others.

When a child carries pure Christ Consciousness, they don’t need to be indoctrinated. They already act from their heart, from love, from a place of being aware that what they say or do to another person, they are essentially saying or doing to themselves. They are innately empathic. They are born with the golden rule of doing to others as you would have done to you, hardwired into them. They are born connected to the Divine.

Every time my mother, my parents, society told me in a thousand ways how I was supposed to be, supposed to act, supposed to talk, and it went against my heart, it was killing me. I saw my energy being crushed and twisted, time and time again.

With these new realizations ringing through me, I suddenly saw a crystalline grid completely overlay my aura, securing with a loud bang, like metal doors locking down.

from Google Images

I saw this grid that is pictured around Earth, surround my energy field.

As I looked at it, I saw panes of heavy clear glass with leading in between (like a stained glass window, but without colored glass). This crystalline grid of Christ Consciousness completely surrounded me, just over arms length away from my body. More tears. All of the energies I’d taken on when I was growing up, to please others or placate others, were now out of me. The only energies I carried were my own original Christ energy. I bawled so hard I could barely breathe.

The last of my mother’s energy was out of me. More tears. I caught a glimpse of her off to the side, pissed off to have been kicked out of me. Now she has to complete her own work on her own. (Yes, spirit has work to do whether they are dead or alive. Dying doesn’t exempt a person from doing their work). Our spiritual contract together is complete, finished, done, over.

I sat there feeling solid and 100% me, and nobody but me. I knew that others’ energies might come sniffing around me, trying to mess with me or jump into my energetic space, but there was absolutely no chance in hell that they could get in. In fact, the energetic vibration of my energy is so high now that most energies that tend to fuck with people, vibrate so low that they can’t even see me.

The next thing I saw was a row of silhouetted bodies that represented me in all my past lives. Crystalline grids enclosed the bodies one by one, like a series of dominoes falling. Boom, boom, boom, boom, boom as each grid fully enclosed each body. My energy through time, back to my initial inception from God was all Christened and healed. Still more tears and heaving sobs as the energy shifted and flowed.

As I looked at my abdomen, I saw my energy represented as twisted and bent up paper clips, that were straightening out. All the kinks that happened to me over time by conforming to values and ideals that didn’t resonate with my heart, were straightening out. My energy was shifting before my eyes, rectifying.

When I looked at the little three-year-old, who had been so unhappy, she was now a very happy camper. She said, “Yay! The wicked witch is dead!” as she jumped up and down with joy. When I looked at my gallbladder, it was finally pink and happy. When I turned my attention to the gallstone, I saw its energy, represented as a ball, shrink before my eyes until it disappeared. Now that the little girl in me knew I would live, she didn’t need to continue to create the gallstone. I knew that, energetically, my liver and gallbladder are perfect and healed, and the reason for the stone is gone.

Because the physical body is much more dense than pure energy, it will take time for it to catch up to the healed energy. And it will. This isn’t my first rodeo doing this sort of thing. So, in the meanwhile, I follow my doctor’s protocol of dietary restrictions, vitamins and supplements, while my physical cells come into resonance with my energy body.

As a very wise friend of mind has taught me: know the truth (that I am already healed). Respect the illusion. (Respect the fact that the body takes time to reflect the shift, and don’t be stupid and stop taking medications until it’s safe to do so.)

Towards the end of the session, I looked out and saw my entire team in spirit (relatives who have passed on, guides, angels, ascended masters, etc.) in a semicircle, a crowd stretched out in front of me. They were all cheering and applauding the work I’d just done. One of my aunts, who shows up as a mother figure for me, was amazed, telling me how proud she was of me. This was the sort of thing she couldn’t do for me in life (because of my wonky mother). Everyone was definitely ready to get the party started.

After confirming that things were complete for the day, my hypnotherapist brought me back up to full consciousness. I knew that my team and a part of my self were definitely partying down in celebration. I was filled with joy and completely spent.

*                                                                        *                                                                 *

As I was doing mindless kitchen tasks, thinking about what I just wrote here, it occurred to me that if I were living in the 1700’s or earlier, this liver and gallbladder issue would have killed me. I would have ended up with a massive abdominal infection, and it would have been a slow and very painful death. Like how I died before from my battle field wound. It’s amazing what the body can recreate in order to give us opportunities to heal our stuff.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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16 Responses to I’m Still Amazed, Every Time

  1. sara says:

    Don’t we live in amazing times where we can heal ourselves part, present and future! A wonderful healing and release session, which I hope is followed closely by physical health xo

    • Yes! These are amazing times indeed. I fully expect things to heal more quickly than either of my doctors expects. The one who is treating me, who is an intuitive healer, suggested a follow up ultrasound in 2 years (to check on the size of the gallstone). My regular doctor, who is not treating me (but is convinced I need my gallbladder out), wants a repeat ultrasound in 3 months. I’m thinking somewhere between 6-9 months should show significant progress.

  2. Vinny Idol says:

    Nice Blog Post. I definitely felt and resonated with the part about people crushing your spirit as a kid. Its the reason why I guard my inner thoughts and emotions so hard these days. People see that Im always on a natural high now, especially because ive been bulking up; and they try to break me. its only happened once in the last 10 years.

    • Thanks for coming by and commenting. When I realized how I had been as a child, it gave me new insight into my own son, who also needs no societal indoctrination.

      • Vinny Idol says:

        Thats beautiful. I hope I develop that same insight with my own kid someday. im an empath, so maybe thatll help me.

        • Being empathic myself, during my healing process, I learned just how much crap I’d taken on from my mentally ill mother and from the world that wasn’t even my shit. When you’re young, you don’t know it’s not yours unless you have someone aware enough to recognize your gift (I know, it’s a double edged sword at times) and teach you how to recognize whether the feelings you are feeling are yours or something you picked up from anywhere on the globe. I’m still learning, and teaching my son as I learn. I have no doubt that you’ll be a great parent/teacher to your own kid someday.

  3. Vinny Idol says:

    Thank you, that means a lot. Yes, I just recently learned that im an empath. although I had a feeling that I was “special”, for awhile now.

  4. Dalo 2013 says:

    This is one of the more magnificent and eye-opening posts I’ve read in a while, introduction into hypnotherapy and putting the trust into our bodies. It reminds me a bit of the traditional Chinese medicine practices and the holistic approaches around the world that are gaining great acceptance within the medical community. Letting your mind flow through your body and hearing what it had to say, it is beautiful. Your comment “I had succumbed to massive internal infection from the injury that slowly and painfully killed me…” I think is what many people (myself included) would find if they could somehow go down this same path as you. Wonderful. You’ve an enlightened mind to teach your son 🙂

    • Thank you so much. I also work with an acupuncturist who is also a shamanic practitioner, who helps my body release and heal a lot as well. I find great value in a variety of different healing practices.

  5. Oh
    What an amazing story. WOW! So many people could learn from your open heart and spirit. Your story read like a middle-aged suspense story and I couldn’t wait to read what happened!
    Best wishes on total healing – I know that you’re on the right path. xo

    • Thanks. Every time I see what’s been going on, it blows my mind. And I do get nervous going in, but I have great trust in my hypnotherapist. The last several sessions have been huge; and I see so clearly being led back to myself, clearing away everything that held me back.

      • I want a hypnotherapist – I have always been intrigued by the process.

        • I’ve used four different ones over the course of 15 years, and they each work a little bit differently. If you want the ride of your life, find someone who does past life regression work. My gal hasn’t done this specifically with me, but I’m finding more and more that the threads I follow in a session do connect to and often stem from other lifetimes. Unless, of course, your beliefs don’t include past lives, then just ignore my advice. I will be specifically looking at some past life stuff later this fall when I have time.

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