Kundalini Awakening, One Year In

I’ve been trying to write this post for a while now, but my brain is being rewired so significantly that trying to focus remains illusive on many days. Struggling to hold thoughts in my mind, crafting them into word images as the thoughts disappear. I never knew how important the ability to maintain focus is when trying to write, until I lost it. Here goes nothing.

Recently, a friend asked me what Kundalini energy is, and because most of the people I know have never heard of it, here’s a post about it, having it activated in me just over a year ago.

We are all created from energy first. Our physical bodies are made because cells combine and multiply. But we don’t often think about what keeps us alive and allows the cells to live in the first place. And what tells the DNA in our cells to turn on and off? Energy. Life force energy. It primes the pump of our heart, transmits information, and withdraws from our body at the end of life.

You can connect with a facet of this life force energy through meditation, and through altered states of consciousness; and some people have spontaneous experiences of it. It feels like unconditional love and a state of oneness.

Kundalini energy is another type of energy that’s seen as a creative force (it stimulates change), and lies dormant within our bodies. Most people live their entire lives completely unaware of it because it never becomes active. However, people in some cultures such as the Hindu are fully aware of it and participate in activities like Kundalini yoga and meditative practices with the specific goal of activating their Kundalini energy.

As much as I don’t do yoga or have a practice of meditation, I can see that the healing work I’ve been doing allowed the potential for this energy to become spontaneously active in me. What Kundalini energy is doing in me is much like what I was accomplishing in my healing sessions, yet exponentially deeper. Activated Kundalini energy leads to the union of personal consciousness and cosmic and divine consciousness.

It changes our consciousness. It changes how we perceive ourselves and our entire world.

The strength of Kundalini is what allows us to expand infinitely so that we can see the whole universe within our own Self. Then, we no longer remain a limited, bound creature; we achieve total union with Universal Consciousness.

Imagine the lifelong racist who falls in love with their bi-racial grandchild and suddenly realizes that the people they’ve been persecuting are really no different from them, and they let go of a lifetime of hate. That’s a major shift in consciousness. It’s a step in the direction of knowing that even when our outer wrapper looks different, and our cultures and languages are different, deep inside, every single person on this planet ultimately has the same wants, needs, and emotions. It’s a step toward Oneness.

Kundalini energy acts on a person’s body and mind, creating exponential healing over the course of years. Usually the first few years are the most intense, with lots of change going on inside a person.

Bit by bit, unconscious beliefs and thoughts that don’t resonate with unconditional love, compassion, and unity, are bubbling up from within me and are being let go. Kundalini energy is moving this process forward, changing me from the inside out.

I’m changing from a caterpillar into a butterfly without Mother Nature’s brilliant pupa state, allowing that creature to completely step out of life by creating a cocoon where it is fully supported in its metamorphosis.

Going through such an intense metamorphosis as a human being has all sorts of physical and mental discomfort that a person just has to deal with until the cocoon of change slows.

That’s the part of a Kundalini Awakening you might not read about in your yoga and meditation magazine. They’ll write about things like the union of personal consciousness with Divine consciousness, to get you to join a Kundalini yoga class, because it sounds so amazing (and in fact, it is). But if you’re thinking about activating your Kundalini energy as a DIY project, absolutely do not ever do this in a million years without guidance and support.

I’m far enough along into the process to see that although, yes, my Kundalini energy spontaneously activated in a big way, the healing work I did over the several years prior, and everything I’d learned about myself as both physical and energy/spirit, prepared me for this experience.

Change of this sort, at this magnitude, letting go of a lifetime of human pain and disconnection, is massively challenging. The long and short of it is, the past year has been one of more discomfort than I’ve ever had to deal with so continually, and it’s not over. Fortunately, as with everything in life, the discomfort has waves of intensity, keeping life bearable enough that I’m still here, chugging along.

In the meanwhile, as all sorts of pain and anger I’ve carried around in my heart is being healed, the amount of love and acceptance that’s able to flow through is ever increasing.

It’s very synchronous that I’m finishing this up around Easter Sunday, because Kundalini energy changes a person’s consciousness, shifting us into a Christened state of consciousness, where our internal truth becomes one of unconditional love and Oneness. As much as I’m very aware that my human body has a finite life span, I also know that when my body passes away, my self-awareness won’t. I’ll still be me, yet without the struggle, hardship, and the physical, visceral pleasures that we experience in life.

Jesus’ teachings were all about helping us know that we exist beyond our physical bodies (as many native traditions have never forgotten), and that our inner truth is one of love. His teachings were all about helping us connect with this inner truth, teaching us that peace can be found deep within our own hearts. And that anyone can find it.

When you change your own heart, the way you experience the world will change.

So, my friends, I’m being rebirthed from the inside out, courtesy of Kundalini energy. The lens through which I see the world is being changed markedly. My inner truth is shifting and changing, moving step-by-step every closer to love.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 19 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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14 Responses to Kundalini Awakening, One Year In

  1. wanwu spirit library says:

    Woah i can relate, it’s like just as you thought you were finding your new stable ground /plateau you get another shift of consciousness and it’s liek life as you knew it slips between your fingers

    • Yes. A bit. For me it’s been a series of healing internal reactivity. Things that would upset me or cause internal discomfort are coming up and being instantly healed such that the next time I’m in the exact same situation, there’s no internal reaction and I have a higher understanding of it. The past few months, though have been such a constant state of flux that feeling integrated, put together, and grounded elude me. Thank you for you comment. It’s nice to not feel quite so alone.

      • wanwu spirit library says:

        wooh same here. I catch the feeling of groundedness in spare movements, sometimes these Blissed out moments. I find making art helpful

  2. yogaleigh says:

    I too set it off while not particularly trying (though I had been practicing yoga for some years) as a result of giant releasing during the Fisher Hoffman process. I think some of the discomfort arises from not being already cleared — in a lot of yoga traditions there are all kinds of beliefs about having to be cleansed and clear which I think have been misinterpreted to mean you can’t release it without the clearing and I think they just want you to because it’s super uncomfortable if you haven’t. For me it caused such heat in my liver that I had a terrible time with inner ear imbalances not to mention waking up thinking we were having an earthquake (I lived in SF Bay Area then) and realizing it was my energy shaking the bed, etc.
    Really nice explanation you’ve created here.

    • Thanks for commenting. I’m also on the west coast and had an experience of waking up because I thought we were having an earthquake. My bed wasn’t shaking, but I sure was.

  3. An absolutely beautiful and mesmerizing post. Makes me want to breathe deep and hold you in my heart. You are indeed a butterfly – with beautiful wings and all. I can see it in your photos and I can feel it in your vibration. And that comment ^^^ goosebumps!

  4. I thought that crown chakra opening was an hardest part ( when you face mental junks) but i was wrong.rebuild of Nerval system in spine and sorunding is really hard to cope. I noticed K is opening first most active chakra.

    • I find the energy goes where it’s called, not necessarily in a line from bottom to top or top to bottom. Yes, going where it’s needed most. And it revisits chakras/areas of my life from time to time, circling back around and again.

  5. Exactly, clearing is random and i can see there is two possible way. Guided by kundalini and our focus ( i recommend to avoid it).

  6. Robert French says:

    I’m one year in too. Madam K has been very gentle with me, I’m a 73 year old male who has been practicing meditation for about 40 years. For this to happen as I slide towards the back door of my life has been wonderful. Every day a new unknown reveals itself; usually as I relax in bed at night the intensity of the energy amps up and centers on where it is needed most. The only down side is the lack of sleep.

    • Sounds wonderful! I wish my experience were gentle. I’m now almost 2 1/2 years in and it’s been so very challenging. However, progress is happening. May your experience continue to be gentle.

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