Hypnosis For Healing

Most people think of hypnosis as something used as a party trick, to make people cluck like a chicken or make a fool of themselves. And some people use hypnosis as a way to quit smoking, lose weight, or enhance sports performance; implanting suggestions into the subconscious mind to help change behaviors. While these are all done, I’ve found hypnosis to be a very powerful healing tool. A way into the unconscious mind to help make change from the inside out.

As with all forms of healing, not all hypnosis is created equal, and not all hypnotherapists are skilled at doing the work I’ve been doing. There are different techniques and schools of thought, and every practitioner comes to the modality with their own skill set.

So what is hypnosis? It’s a state of relaxing the body, while the mind is aware and focused. One of the first things I learned about hypnosis is you can’t do something against your will, while in a hypnotic state. And you can open your eyes and come out of it any time you want.

Hypnosis is a wonderful way of connecting with our unconscious mind, bringing things up to full consciousness or full awareness. Once we’ve become aware of something, we can create change if that’s what’s wanted. Or we can simply be aware of something that had been buried in our mind.

As a healing tool, I’ve been using hypnosis to look into things that trigger emotional discomfort and pain, but are things I can’t just leave or stay away from; like situations that come up between me and family members. And I’ve used it to look into and create healing around chronic physical illness, like GERD (acid reflux disease).

Not only has it been a comfortable and effective tool for healing emotional and physical woes, but it connects me with higher wisdom. Intuition. The part of me that’s always connected with God, Source, Guides, Guardians, Ancestors, Angels, and every part of the unseen world that supports me in life. The part that has a 30,000 ft. view of life.

Sure I’ve had readings from clairvoyants to help me see the bigger picture of something going on in my life, and their advice resonated with and enlightened me. But there’s nothing like tuning into greater wisdom yourself. Not only becoming aware of the bigger picture, but embodying it. Knowing it not only in your brain, but feeling it in every cell of your body.

The difference between watching and experiencing, between reading about something and knowing it. The difference between seeing someone eat a juicy, ripe apple, and doing it yourself.

Using hypnosis, I’ve been able to create all sorts of inner change, which in turn rippled out, affecting my outlook on life and my health. It’s created a lot of inner peace.

Healing work often connects me to parts of myself that exist in a state of discomfort, pain or upset. Parts that have been stuck; stuck in time. I’ve seen these parts as younger versions of myself, as a toddler, a child, or a teen, or saw myself from other lifetimes because something wasn’t healed after death.

Some of the past lifetimes that came up during healing sessions had a common theme of something that wasn’t healed after death, a fear that stuck with me into this present lifetime. The fear of being killed because I had clairvoyant abilities, was one such theme. I could see that people around me didn’t understand what clairvoyance was and were afraid of it. I knew too much, and that in and of itself was threatening. I was killed again and again.

Going through a Kundalini Awakening, part of the process has been a repeated opening of my awareness in life. It’s hard to describe if you haven’t done any healing work. But an example of a shift in consciousness or awareness,  is when a person has been raised as a racist, meets their mixed race grandchild for the first time and can’t help falling in love with it, despite their beliefs. They have an epiphany they’ve been racist and what it means, their heart melts, and they experience a shift in consciousness, letting racism go.

Healing work opens our heart to the world and to ourselves. Kundalini energy has been cranking my heart open wider than is sometimes comfortable, and is allowing unconscious beliefs to bubble up to be shifted and healed. This process has also helped my innate connection to inner wisdom and my higher self grow.

And all sorts unconscious beliefs brought about through conditioning and societal values are coming up for review. They’ve been rocketing up or bubbling up, and as they reach full consciousness, they are healed. Changed.

After taking a break from hypnosis work for about a year and a half, it was time for assistance again. This time, working with someone new. As much as I loved working with the hypnotherapist I saw for four years, she’s moved on and is now very busy teaching hypnosis. Because I’ve been going through a Kundalini Awakening, it felt right to find someone who has experience with working with people going through very challenging spiritual awakening issues. And the Universe delivered.

Distance is no object in the world of spirit. And thanks to the internet, distance is no longer an obstacle to having a hypnosis session, enabling me to connect with a beautiful soul on the other side of the world. 

During our session, I wanted to address challenges lately with being exhausted, feeling fragmented, and having great difficulty connecting with my inner guidance. (The level of exhaustion feels a lot like depression, yet I know I’m not depressed). Many people meditate to connect with their inner guidance, yet I’m not one who can sit quietly with my eyes closed without falling asleep. I often need a guiding voice. Hence, hypnosis.

Because this was the first time having a session over Skype, I was nervous. Nervous I wouldn’t be able to relax and reach the state of mind where magic happens. However it quickly dissipated once we connected. After our brief hello and get-to-know-you part of the session, because we’d previous emailed, my hypnotherapist was aware of what I wanted to address, and she’d formulated a few questions to be asked.

Once the induction was complete and I was relaxed, we dove into connecting to higher wisdom, something I’ve been struggling with. Right off the bat something came up. I could see a crowd of wise beings in spirit who were all there for me, waiting to connect with me, but there was a huge wall of glass between us. At the same time, I noticed my heart was beating faster and fear started to come up. (Experiencing fear while in hypnosis is very different from experiencing it during full consciousness. You can either connect into it and feel it, or move away from it and merely observe it).

Initially, I was connected into the fear and began to cry. After being directed to float above the fear, I knew it was coming from a young part of myself. When asked why she was upset, she answered, “My heart hurts.” She said it was all too much. She said, “I can’t do this.” This, meaning life. It’s too hard, too much pain. Life hurts too much. She was two.

The little one went on saying, “They’re being mean to me.” They being a few family members. “Why can’t they just love me?”

My hypnotherapist worked with me to help this little one become happy again, to help shift her energy and let go of her pain. All it took was for me to tell her I loved her, and she melted into my arms. Reconnecting with my adult self. Without too much effort, the little one was once again happy and eager to get on with things.

Looking back to the crowd of beings in spirit who had been behind glass, I now saw the wall of “glass” melting like ice. With access to wisdom, the questions began.

When we asked why I’d been feeling so fragmented, ungrounded and unfocused, there was an unconscious fear that came up, that kept me stuck in those feelings. Suddenly, I heard, “Oh Baby, you’re not crazy.” It was my mother. The one who struggled with bipolar disorder, and who did indeed go crazy a few times. And when she was first hospitalized when I was a teen, I struggled a bit to keep my two feet on the ground. As much as I knew I wasn’t mentally ill back then, and know I’m not mentally ill, the process of inner change I’ve been going through has been extremely mentally challenging at times. Extremely.

Having that unconscious fear brought to light has helped it shift. The teenager in me who fought so hard to maintain her sanity while the world around her went mad, is letting it go, allowing me to move through significant changes more easily.

We asked more questions, came up against other forms of inner resistance, worked our way past them to create more healing and connected with more wisdom. Before I knew it, our session wound to a close and when asked if there was something else that needed to be addressed, the answer was no. What we’d done felt complete.

What I’ve learned from using hypnosis, is everyone has access to information/wisdom tailored specifically for them. We actually get it all the time, and call it intuition or listening to our gut. Using techniques like meditation or hypnosis allows us to access this information more easily and at a deeper level.

And if there’s something in life that needs to change and it’s become an issue, hypnosis might be the tool to use. It’s a wonderful one to create magic and transformation. Letting go of chronic fear, frustrations, anger, regret, jealousy, sadness, and other pain can change a life. Hypnosis is far more than a mere party trick, it’s a powerful healing tool.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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8 Responses to Hypnosis For Healing

  1. I love how you compare it to watching someone eat an apple and actually eating the apple! This is so true. As much as I had read about past life regressions (lots of books!) and having others “read” me…it didn’t compare to actually undergoing this transformation myself. Experiencing it in every cell of my body. Now my heart and soul and mind are completely transformed to a new perspective. My view of death, life and what it means to be a human with failings and suffering….has all changed radically. Just from ONE past life (or in my case, between lives) session! Words can’t express how powerful this experience is. Thank you for sharing yours with us.

    • Thanks so much for your comment. I’m pretty sure when a person has this type of experience, the reason it resonates at the cellular level is because it literally changes our DNA. It must. And I’m thinking about the sessions where the goal was to affect my physical health – where I have proof my DNA changed because my heath changed, my physiology changed. I’m still so tickled about your session!

      Bye the way, when I experienced God it was like this in the way of hitting me down to every single cell in my body (and far beyond). So when people ask me if I believe in God I have to say I don’t believe: I know.

    • Go Jules Go says:

      Oh my gosh, I was going to quote the same line about the apple! This post was amazing and even inspired me to start writing one about my own awakening. I’m excited for future hypnotherapy; in my first and only session so far, I too experienced (and vocalized) ‘a wall’ coming up, but I had trouble getting it down! Thank you so much for sharing – I look forward to reading more!


      • Jules, thanks for dropping by and I appreciate your comment. Hypnotherapy seems to become easier and more effective both with practice, and as your trust in your hypnotherapist and the process grows. May your future sessions be great ones. Yes, do write about your awakening.

  2. The Hook says:

    Fascinating stuff.
    Thanks for enlightening me.

  3. You’re so very welcome.

  4. emjayandthem says:

    wow, I’m fascinated by your experience and all of this, but also a little freaked out and overwhelmed, too. Mostly because I think I’m a little scared to find out what might come out. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us, powerful!


    • First off, you’re so welcome. And secondly, when a person works in hypnosis, there is a level of comfort and security that isn’t experienced when working with a talk therapist. I’m not up for talking endlessly about something that’s painful, for months or years with little progress, when I’ve found something so much easier, comfortable, and really efficient. And if there’s something buried deep that you’re not ready to face, it won’t come up. (Keep in mind that this wasn’t my first rodeo, so I tend to go in deep, without fear or hesitation. I have a lot of trust in the process and trusted the therapist.)

      If you’re interested, I wrote about a number of other sessions – under the category of hypnosis. To me, they are journeys of magic and transformation.

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