Covid 19 Check-In

How’s everyone doing? So much in the world has been changing, and at such a fast pace. Are you safely ensconced at home, or do you have to go out and work? Are you managing to stay healthy? I’m at home with Little Man, Hubby is working, and so far, knock wood, we’re all healthy.

You may know me by mariner2mother, which I created because I used to be a merchant mariner who left working on the sea to become a mother. Well, I met my husband on a ship we were both working on, and he’s still a working marine engineer. Mr. Mariner. His job is considered essential, carrying people and vehicles across Puget Sound, and fortunately, his exposure to the public is minimal because he spends most of his time in the engine room with his crew of four. We are lucky.

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we were affected early on by the Covid 19 virus that’s circling the globe, and our public schools are now closed for the rest of the year, moving to a virtual learning style. My heart is sad for the unbelievable stress teachers, parents, and students are all feeling while they sort out this new learning platform. When so much pressure is put on shoving a ton of information down the throats of growing children for fear of them missing out on something or being behind, I want to give them all a great big hug and remind them things will all work out.

There are only two months of school left, and even if students don’t crack a book for those two months, left to their curiosity and given opportunities, they will learn something. They might learn to sew masks and donate them to their local medical center or neighbors who need them. They might watch YouTube tutorials and learn a musical instrument or how to cook something. Left to their own devices, they might learn a new computer program or two and create avatars in a virtual world online, socializing with friends over distance. (Little Man is a great counselor to his buddies online). Or they might finally learn to wash their hands properly.

They might learn compassion for those who have lost work, or they’re learning how to cope when income is suddenly gone. Or they might get in touch with an elderly neighbor to see if there’s anything they need.

I feel sad for the senior classes who won’t graduate as a group, throwing their mortarboards high in the air. And sad for the kids who will miss trips, camps and other activities they’ve been working towards, earning money for. My girlfriend’s daughter sold enough boxes (well over a thousand!) of Girlscout cookies to pay for a week of camp that’s been canceled.

Other than our school buildings being closed, some stores in my area that are still open to the public are recently limiting the number of people who can be inside at one time. And they’re requesting people wear face masks and gloves.

Because my energetic system has been so very sensitive, ultra-sensitive, for the past few years courtesy of Kundalini energy coursing through it, it shouldn’t surprise me that during a recent healing session part of my inner child who resonated with so much of the world’s stress at the moment, came up to be heard and healed. She was only two years old and was so overwhelmed by the pain of life, being hurt by things she had no control over, she chose to separate from the whole of me and “died”.

She didn’t literally die, but I saw part of my consciousness who looked like me at age two, lying curled up on the floor in complete and utter defeat. She sprouted little angel wings and floated up to heaven. But she left behind her physical body, who we were able to help. We asked for Divine help which arrived in the form of a giant fiery Phoenix. It’s always a surprise to see who shows up because when my hypnotherapist asks for help, it’s an open call to anyone Divine.

It brought me to tears as my inner child finally felt safe and supported, flames burning away fear in all its forms. Hugging one of the huge bird’s legs, my little self morphed before my eyes, growing stronger and becoming more mature moment by moment. She began to stand tall and proud, sprouting some of her own flames! Gone was all fear and despair. Gone were any feelings of weakness or defeat. Like the Phoenix rising from the ashes, my inner child was resurrected from the dead. Her consciousness and vitality came back to me.

My wish for those who may be feeling scared, unsettled, or agitated because of how their life is changing without their permission at this time, is to know you’re going to eventually be ok. No matter what. It might take time, and you may have to calm your inner child when they act up, but one day there will be a new normal.

In the meanwhile, know deep in your heart you’re doing your best, ask for help when you need it, apologize if your inner child acts out all over your family (if you blow up at them), wash your hands and keep breathing!

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 19 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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10 Responses to Covid 19 Check-In

  1. Go Jules Go says:

    Ahh, I needed this – thank you! I’m so happy your family is well. Same here, so far; I’m trying to keep my focus on that and helping our local community. I do feel terrible for those high school seniors right now, though! And I had a friend with a wedding planned this month, oy! Nevertheless, I do believe many positive things will ‘rise from the ashes’ because of this collective experience…

    • You’re so welcome. I choose to believe this is like a collective painful contraction that will birth a new, better, normal. I’ve been sharing several spiritual teachers’ higher perspective about this whole thing on my energy healing Facebook Page.

  2. candidkay says:

    I am so glad to hear the three of you are well and safe. We are living a bit like monks:). Not going to the grocery, sticking close to home. But appreciating the simple things in life and all the good that is present!

  3. emjayandthem says:

    So much in this I could relate to and yes vibrations are high ~ grateful to be able to work from home and connect with our loved ones via video chat ~ I’m protecting my energy by walking daily, turning off the news/reading/singing and sleeping a little more.

    And stress-cooking/baking which Hubby is enjoying!

    Happy Easter~ MJ

  4. Wow, very cool story of healing with your inner child. That sounds gorgeous and epic. Now, I want to meditate on my inner child. I saw in meditation recently that a part of me still longs for a mother. Mine wasn’t super present and is now passed away from a hard life of addiction. Thank you for this reflection. Here’s a post where I talk about my perspective on healing. Would love your feedback.

    • Thanks for reading and for commenting. From what you’ve said about your mother, I’m sure there are parts of your inner child who still long for a loving and present mother. A lot of my early healing work was dealing with just that as my mother was mentally ill and unstable, taking out her demons on me during my upbringing. I’ve been fortunate to work with a few very talented hypnotherapists who walked me through processes of healing that completely changed my world (several of which I have posted about). Looking forward to reading your post.

  5. It is interesting to read this a year later. Our personal experiences of the shutdown have differed but I am certain not one person has been untouched.

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