I Did a Thing

Almost eleven years ago I started blogging as a way to reach out and share what I’d learned as a mom to a kid with a few diagnoses related to developmental delays. To share what I wish I’d known about my son. To possibly connect with and help another mother going through the same thing because I felt quite alone in mothering a child with language delay issues and Sensory Processing Disorder. And then life took a spiritual turn. Not even a year into blogging I experienced a quite unexpected spiritual awakening.

The way I viewed my life and the world changed. And a passion that had lain dormant awoke. Once I discovered the incredible power of energy healing and intuition, I had to know more. I wanted to know it all. And when life steered me down this road less traveled, my blogging shifted a bit. It became a “Mommy’s gone spiritual” blog.

The trek down energy healing and spirituality lane took another road less traveled just four years ago when something else within me woke up. Once again, quite unexpectedly. This time it was Kundalini energy: an energy of creation and inner change/movement. For me, the past four years have been a time of deep inner transformation, healing layers upon layers of energy blocks. Healing things in my unconscious mind (working intuitively) and body. As my perception has shifted and changed, I’ve let go of so much that’s held me back in life, like fear, anger, and grief, allowing me to live more and more in a state of observation instead of judgment, optimism instead of fear, and compassion in general.

Although I’m still very much in process, I was invited to share my healing journey on an intuitive friend’s YouTube channel and Facebook Page the other week. Because friends I grew up with and haven’t seen in years, and contemporaries of my parents who’ve known me my entire life don’t know this spiritual side of me and don’t know I went through some very dark things during childhood (because they were kept very secret), putting myself out there this publicly was a bit nerve-wracking. And I did it anyway. A did this scary thing and I hope you enjoy it.

The thumbnail photo you see is of my amazingly intuitive friend Natasha Venter. Through her Angelic Clarifications website, she offers her gifts of clairvoyance and mediumship to help guide people through the challenges of life. She’s not only a naturally gifted intuitive, able to perceive the spirit world her entire life, but she’s trained with the best and teaches about things in life she’s navigated herself. In my life, she’s helped by giving me a clairvoyant perspective of things I wasn’t able to see, and has helped me heal using guided meditations.

Life Clarifications with Natasha Venter

Being in process of dramatic inner change has been four years of addressing inner separation from spirit, that manifests in my life as all sorts of emotional upset and pain: big-time stress. And what that looks like in human terms is working through a lot of things that have left me running to my old coping mechanism: food, chronically having very little physical energy and muscle strength, needing more sleep than usual, struggling with the ability to focus my mind (so I can do things like read), and sometimes struggling to put two words together. So, as you’ll see, I’ve become quite heavy again. But I know the weight will go as my energy and focus returns. And fortunately, talking helps me focus, so there was only one glitchy brain-drop moment.

As much as my relationship with food and my body (weight) has been a constant focus throughout my life, I now recognize this challenge as being a vehicle to help get me where I am today. It’s been a spiritual growth mechanism. Isn’t spirit amazing?

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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22 Responses to I Did a Thing

  1. Amazing, yes. And astonishing, staggering, wonder-full…

  2. Dwight Hyde says:

    It is! I started my spiritual journey right after my son was born. That experience totally got me on the path. It wasn’t until after my divorce though when I delved deeper and it’s brought me back to my self when I was 10 where my soul just shined. We’re so busy in those in between years and now I have time to connect daily. Sending much light and love to you my friend✨❤️

  3. Ladysag77 says:

    It’s so awesome that you’re sharing your story. Thank you for your truth and light💛🙌✨🌠

  4. I live this. I’m on a similar road.❤️

  5. Eli Pacheco says:

    Your words never fail to inspire. There’s nothing more resilient, more repairable, stronger than the spirit. And I love reading of the triumphant journeys they’re on.

  6. Karin says:

    I just watched the whole amazing video. It was good to see you! I found it remarkable how you were able to share the story about your brother with such calm. Congratulations to this video and thanks a lot for sharing your amazing journey.

    • Thank you so much. I value your comment especially as someone who is also walking a spiritual path. And about the calm, that’s the result of the miracle that hypnosis and healing has been in my life.

  7. Thinking about you and how great you are speaking, I saw that WP offers Anchor, a way for us bloggers to include a podcast. Have you seen it? It appears to be free, but I’m not 100% sure. I signed up but haven’t used it yet.

  8. Donna Frasca says:

    It sounds like a good thing! So many people “woke” and as wonderful as it is (I’m a Medium) it a painful journey. I embrace it 100% 💜

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