Life Became a Metaphysical Journey Ten Years Ago

Less than a year into blogging about raising a child with challenges, my life got flipped, turned upside down. At the time, all I wanted was to feel rested. All I wanted was to have a child that would go to bed and fall asleep without my having to be with him for usually a few hours every night. My kid took a lot of energy to deal with day in and day out, pretty much solo, and by the time I got my eight year old to sleep I was wiped out. There was nothing left for me.

At the time, life had given me a few peeks into the metaphysical realm and had briefly introduced me to energy healing, but these were blips on my radar. I’ve never really been a spiritual seeker. I’ve never felt that something bigger was missing in my life. Yet I’d had a curiosity about the unseen realm. Not a huge curiosity, but it was there.

One day when I was perusing the Freshly Pressed WordPress blogs I came across a gal from Maine and loved the title of her blog, She’s a Maineiac. I grew up spending every summer of my life on the coast of Maine, loving it so much I decided to live and worked there seasonally for many years in my twenties. It’s been my heart home. Reading her blog, I discovered we had a few things in common and learned she used a form of energy healing called Reiki on her family, and it really helped her son be able to calm down and sleep. That was it! If it helped her son, it would probably help mine too. I barely knew anything about this Reiki thing and signed up for a Saturday class.

What I didn’t know at the time was that becoming Reiki attuned can change a person’s life. It guides them onto a path their soul planned out before they were even born. And if you’re not on the path or are clueless about it, the redirection can be quite surprising.

After becoming Reiki attuned I went on living my life, not even realizing I was being led here and there. Life took me by the nose and hopped me from one breadcrumb to the next. The Reiki class had been held at a Unity Center and because I liked the vibe of the place I checked out their website. Seeing that a reputable healer was going to be visiting and giving a talk about his work, and it happened to be on an evening when my husband was home and could watch our son, I went to the talk. At the talk a woman gave a testimony to the healer’s abilities that mesmerized me, and while she spoke she looked directly at me. It blew me away and I wanted a session with this man, which I had the next week.

Learning that the healer and the woman with him were part of a Lightworker’s Conference, I looked it up online and discovered the woman was a psychic who gave readings. Long fascinated by people who could do this, I set up a reading with her.

Years prior, after having seen world renowned psychic Sylvia Browne at a large venue, I’d had a private reading with her son that was ok, but he was a little judgmental, condescending, and dismissive. I’ve since learned that a really good reader puts all their personal agendas and judgment aside and brings through the information as unfiltered and pure as they’re able.

As I sat with this woman she was very kind. I don’t remember a whole lot about what I asked, but I remember realizing she could see my entire life. She knew things about my life that I’d kept tightly under wraps for decades. But how did she know? How could she see my deepest shame? I knew next to nothing about clairvoyance and psychics at this point. But she saw me. She really saw me. It felt like she knew me. And the amount of compassion she had for me blew me away. Something energetic happened as well, something I wasn’t aware of, because the next thing I knew something deep inside woke up. A calling to know all about energy healing roared like an inferno and my life was never the same.

Ten years ago, souls connected with me, helping to steer me onto a path I never saw coming. A path of accessing the unseen, energetic world for the purpose of healing. A journey of healing that’s taken me further than I would have believed when it began. A journey of healing that’s still blowing my mind. I’ll never have enough words to fully express my gratitude toward everyone who helped launch me on this journey, those I’ve met along the way, or those who are still walking with me while inner metamorphosis rolls on.

Waking up spiritually and going down a healing path, becoming a metaphysical journey, helped me change how I feel about myself and how I see the world so significantly and dramatically that it could have only happened through energy healing. My favorite form of magic.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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9 Responses to Life Became a Metaphysical Journey Ten Years Ago

  1. MariaTeresa says:

    I always smile while reading your posts for the deep soul resonance and shared testimony between us my friend. Life has been quite an interesting journey and I am always in awe of the wondrous twists and turns God provides me. These last 10 years, I have transformed in countless ways as I know you have too. The past 21 months have served as an entire new level of soul healing completely. Here’s to us, two women who have the open mindset to keep investigating the many paths that lead us home, to our souls. Namaste my friend 🙏😊❤

  2. An especially lovely post.

  3. Isn’t it incredible how sometimes “chance” connections can set us off down a completely different path? Blogging has opened so many doors to new connections with amazing people like you. I’m so grateful to have gotten to know you and share in your experiences!

    I had to giggle at the Sylvia Browne’s son story. My mom LOVED Sylvia and had all of her books (which I’ve read). It just goes to show not everyone is the same when it comes to reading a person. I’ve had several readings, some were spot on, some weren’t so much. Everyone had their own filter and I agree, the best readings are the ones that can set those inner judgements/filters aside.

    • I’m so grateful to have connected with you as well! Syliva was one of my earliest “teachers”. I always loved watching her on TV and own most of her books. Her 3 book set “Journey of the Soul Series” were my absolute favorites. It seems that along my spiritual path I’ve been led to some top notch people/teachers/psychics. When I’m checking someone out, there’s always a sense of whether they’re right for me or not. And as I’ve evolved, certain people/teachings no longer resonate as completely. And that includes psychics.

    • Oh, one of the things I asked Sylvia’s son Chris about was why I had such trouble with my weight. He said, “I just see that you really like food.” That was it. I now know that there are some things we’re meant to see for ourselves and some people who really aren’t for us.

  4. Eli Pacheco says:

    I love hearing these details about your journey. Any part of it, because I’ve known you for a part of it, have seen parallels between us. You’ve helped me tap into other aspects of this life, too.

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