Healing the World

A little over a decade ago when I worked with a hypnotherapist to help me heal food cravings, he used a process of repeated regression to take me to the root of my issue. To unveil a misbelief I’d been living with and heal it, thus releasing me from a food craving. This was his technique.

He’d have me remember a recent situation I responded to by eating, and allow the emotions I was feeling at the time to come up. Amplifying my feelings, he had me take note of any physical sensations and then directed me to go back in time to the very first time I’d felt these same feelings. Once a scene came to me he’d ask a short series of questions meant to determine if I’d actually reached the root of the issue.

During one of the more profound sessions, one of the “stops” I made before we reached the root had me in my mother’s womb terrified to be born. Afraid I’d bitten off more than I can chew. Because it wasn’t the root of the issue, I was regressed a few more times until I reached the root: when I was planning my life with a spirit guide. The misbelief that came up was “I have to feel the pain of the world – in order to better empathize with people, so I can help them heal.”

The hypnotherapist walked me through a process that released me from fear and when he walked me forward in time, instead of being terrified to be born, I was excited.

Eventually I reached a good place and stopped working with this fellow. A little over a year later I had a spiritual awakening where my passion for energy healing awoke, and my life took a big turn.

Two years into my new passion, having explored many different healing modalities and going through the loss of both my parents within ten months, I decided to dive back into hypnosis. This time with someone who blended spirituality into their practice.

Sessions began taking me back to moments in my young life when painful events became lodged in my unconscious mind. I was able to see traumatic moments without becoming retraumatized; and not only see them but completely release the emotional charge. I was essentially revisiting all sorts of pain within my world.

As I healed things that bothered me, I began to understand the connection between my inner and outer worlds.

When Little Man was elementary school aged and didn’t do what I believed him capable of, the more I pushed and the more he didn’t comply, the more frustrated and angry I became. And I turned to food. Looking at the situation in a hypnotherapy session, I discovered the anger coming from a belief, deep in my unconscious mind, that I’d taken on from my mother when I was only two or three. A belief I was defective. When she wanted me to do something I didn’t want to do, she got very, very, very upset with me. In fact, because she was manic, her response was over the top and was what I’d call verbally abusive. In response, my logical mind decided I was the problem. It was my fault she was so upset. And this was what got wired into me.

Once the emotional trigger was healed, I had a lot more patience with my son and with that bit of stress resolved didn’t need to use food.

After having a handful of sessions, I recognized that anything making me upset was actually triggering one of my unconscious beliefs. And they could easily be dissolved. With each healing session all sorts of inner pain left. Fear, sorrow, anger, and more. I began to walk the world with more and more inner peace. And life began to flow.

During one of the sessions we had, after I’d worked with this hypnotherapist for a few years, a belief came up that had to do with my world not being a safe place. The belief was formed in my toddler years and related to my family. The amazing thing was after the belief was dissolved, suddenly everything in my world felt safer.

I didn’t feel the need to lock our doors as often, and I suddenly began to recognize fearful behaviors of those around me who still believe the world is inherently unsafe.

I’d been healing the pain of the world, the pain of my perception of the world, by healing my own pain. As I healed things in me, they dropped off my radar. When things don’t upset you, you don’t notice them.

Before Kundalini energy opened a little over four-and-a-half years ago, I thought this was what “healing the world” was all about. And it was. I’d pay attention to things that bothered me and heal them. Not because I was trying to heal the world, but because I felt better; more peaceful inside.

Unwitting Mystic, Mary Reed posted a poignant video about our perception of “the world” talking about how what we see out there is actually our perception of the world. I’ve shared it before, but it’s worth repeating.

The irony is with the action of Kundalini energy acting on me, what’s come up for healing aren’t only my issues but those which resonate with so many others. Issues I’m picking up from those around me: family and friends. And issues that are hot in the world, all over the news.

My energy field has been literally vibing off other people’s issues and creating healing shifts within me. Talk about Oneness! When it first happened it was very disconcerting because out of the blue I’d suddenly talk about things that normally weren’t important to me (that were emotional and important to the person I was with), or behave very unlike myself, and in a quick flash I’d experience an inner shift that I’d been completely oblivious to moments before it happened. Only in hind sight was I able to recognize that I’d been in such a resonance with their unhealed issue that I was essentially acting out their energy.

With each shift I receive information (a claircognizant “download”) letting me know what came up that’s now gone.

Initially this process happened very quickly and healing shifts happened somewhat spontaneously. People are good at hiding their emotions, but their energy doesn’t lie. Because these healing shifts were quite deep, the amount of emotion that came was also deep and in the form of tears. After a few months I was able to delay the shift from fully coming up until I was in a private place. Not only do people not do well to have their stuff mirrored back in their face, but they don’t do well with big tearful emotion. And the entire process, including integrating my new energy field, was really tiring.

These days I’m back to having healing sessions to help me access my unconscious world and bring things to light. I’m still vibing off those around me, but with contemplation and sometimes writing, I recognize something about what’s coming up to be released. As much as it was somewhat amazing to experience inner shifts on autopilot, I’m glad things have slowed down and to be working with healers again. Sharing energy with healers is part of the gig, I’m realizing. Part of the magic of my journey.

I’m healing the world within me at another level, and with each and every healing not only am I changed, but have a greater understanding of issues that affect so many people. With each and every release I receive information about what was just released. It usually begins as a phrase and as I think about the phrase more information comes. After a few days my awareness broadens and there’s a new clarity about life.

Because these “heart blocks” are being dissolved, there is much more compassion and empathy flowing through as well. And it’s my fervent desire to help people to heal.

Lately, other than sharing my experiences through writing, I’m not sure what the future holds. I’d like to have a healing practice of some sort one day, but still being very much in process it’s not an option yet. So for now, writing it is!

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 19 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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2 Responses to Healing the World

  1. I’m glad you have decided to write. Relatively few are willing to share so intimately their spiritual path.

    • Thank you so much. I truly believe a healing I experienced years ago during a hypnosis session that freed me of shame has a lot to do with the detail to which I’m able to share.

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