Veteran’s Day

On this Veteran’s Day it’s my deepest and most sincere desire that one day people are able to find ways to keep lines of communication open, and to learn how to heal broken lines of communication so we don’t have to resort to war and other armed conflicts to solve disputes.

And the quickest way to peace may be healing our own inner wars.

Healing works.


About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 19 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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6 Responses to Veteran’s Day

  1. Couldn’t agree more. Too often I see the leaders laying reefs at the cenotaph with fake tears who can’t wait to start the next conflict to improve their standings.

  2. candidkay says:

    Amen! Couldn’t have said it better.

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