Deep down inside we’re wired for connection. To reach out. To share. To bond. To come together in joy and in grief. There’s something about connection that feeds our soul.

That said, there’s an inner disconnection that’s been simmering inside. I feel it every day. It feels a little bit like an irritation, something in my sock I need to stop and remove but I can’t. This is my life lately. Things from my past or things out in the world borne of separation and the human condition slowly rising up. Creeping up until they begin to rattle and shake and loosen.

When things are tough there’s nothing like having someone in your corner, someone to hold your hand and tell you it’s going to be all right. Someone to give a hug or just be there for you.

It’s such a natural urge to reach out. When we see a friend in need. Or when we want to celebrate a big win. Your kid did something wonderful? Mommy brag time! Had a bad day at work? Let’s commiserate over a cup of tea or something stronger.

Feeling seen and heard is critical to our well-being.

So just what is this magical thing? What actually is connection? I’ve come to know it as a way of reclaiming our spirit. Essentially reclaiming a bit of ourselves.

The most special thing about connection is it makes us feel better. It soothes us.

I’ve been vibing with disconnection, needing to have a healing session. The news of war, politics, and mass shootings of children has been shaking and rattling things loose deep down inside. And in fact, I recently spent time connecting to my inner world to release all sorts of pressure and discovered lifetimes of trapped rage.

Rage that matches so much energy on the planet. Rage about not being seen or heard or validated. Rage about feeling invisible and unappreciated. And rage about feeling powerless.

Rage is a powerful energy. It can make us move or stop us dead in our tracks. I tapped into rage from my childhood: teenage anger toward an abuser. Rage and indignation for having been used as an outlet for another person’s anger, insecurity, and feelings of jealousy. I was their personal punching bag. No, I wasn’t literally punched by him but I may as well have been.

The beautiful thing about healing work is letting go of all this rage. Getting it out of my system. And the amazing and quite unexpected thing was seeing a firey dragon fly in to rescue me. I felt its power and strength as its massive deep red body flew in. Fire raged from its nostrils and outstretched sharp talons grabbed my abuser, ripping him off me. The energy felt like the absolute end to being this person’s victim. “No! This is NOT happening ANYMORE!! We’re DONE with this!!”

A moment later I saw several images representing other lifetimes when I was this soul’s victim. When I played the role of victim. (We’ve done this dance many times). And dragons swooped into each of those lifetimes. But instead of carrying off the perpetrator, the dragons were white with shimmery glints of blues and greens and they showed up for me. Like a victor on a gallant steed, I rode off on my dragon. Healing rippled out to every lifetime I’d ever been his victim, dousing the fire of rage, cooling it and refining it. Transmuting it back into divine love.

When there are big, heavy, painful things going on in the world that I can’t control, one of my best tools these days is healing. It creates the kind of inner connection that reclaims feelings of power and brings peace and understanding.

While not everyone needs to work with a healer, spending time meditating or in quiet contemplation helps us create connection. And so does getting out in nature or being with a friend. It soothes the soul.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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11 Responses to Connection

  1. Dwight Hyde says:

    It definitely does! Big hugs my friendπŸ€—

  2. A powerful journey dear lady, it takes great courage to find that inner truth and stand in it. Take a bow, self love is indeed that healing connection πŸ˜€ ❀️ πŸ™πŸ½ πŸ¦‹

  3. candidkay says:

    These really are trying times for our souls, aren’t they? I keep trying to hold a peaceful, positive vibe but hard to do when the world rushes in . . .

  4. For me, it’s nature for sure. I’m pretty solitary except for my bunnies and other wild creatures.

  5. Lisa Orchard says:

    Hugs to you. I’m glad to see you have dragons to protect you. We all need them ❀

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