A Metaphysical Retrospective

Whilst still in a bit of a process of being squeezed and deeply transmuting all sorts of darkness within myself and the world, courtesy of Kundalini energy, I was listening to a BATGAP (Buddha at the Gas Pump) interview of a woman who had a spontaneous spiritual awakening and had to figure things out as she went along. It made me think of the handful of metaphysical experiences I had before my first spiritual awakening and how clever my spirit team has been at giving me experiences to prime me for future awakening.

The first metaphysical experience I ever had was when I was working with my first hypnotherapist, trying to lose weight. I’d been a lifelong yo-yo dieter and knew I needed to try something different. The woman I worked with didn’t have training specific to losing weight (she was a past life regression specialist) but said she’d be willing to give it a go. After a handful of sessions, one day near the end of our session, out of the blue my hypnotherapist asked me to connect with my Higher Self. I had to ask her what that was because I’d never heard the term.

The moment some part of me understood, I was transported into a scene where I was no longer imagining this and picturing that. I was taken to a bluff overlooking the ocean and I saw a white farmhouse-type house with a wraparound porch. There was tall grass being blown by the wind and looking out at the ocean, the sky was dense with dark, threatening clouds. I remember electrical energy in the air – the kind you feel before a storm, and seeing the wind whip the water into choppy waves and whitecaps.

Then King Neptune suddenly rose up out of the water with a trident that arcked with lightning. I felt immense power, and even thinking the word power made him morph into a cartoon version of himself. When I wondered why the cartoon, I suddenly knew it was because the incredible power was benevolent. Seeing the cartoon, I was taken back to the joy I’d felt as a child when I was playing. After a little while, feelings of deep compassion flowed through me followed by the most unconditional love you can imagine and beyond. The experience only lasted minutes but was beyond profound.

It would be another eight years until my next foray into hypnotherapy and another metaphysical experience. This time I was working with a woman who had training specific to weight loss and I was hopeful that I’d get a handle on my weight again, and that it would be life-long this time.

After having had a few sessions with my new hypnotherapist, when she guided me to go to the happy place I’d already created and gave me the option to go to a new happy place, I was suddenly transported. No more imagining this or picturing that. I found myself standing on the side of a mountaintop with snow everywhere. And it was snowing so hard it was like a blizzard. A whiteout. I saw something out of the corner of my eye and when I looked, nothing was there. Wondering what I’d seen, there was suddenly someone standing right behind me. They stood a head taller than me and giant white wings enveloped me.

Realizing this was an angel I somehow knew it was neither he nor she. Looking down at my body, it had become clear plastic and hollow with snow swirling around and around, cleansing me. The angel enveloped me with pure love, cleansing me that day of shame. It cleansed me of shame I’d carried for decades and hadn’t even realized the weight of it. Afterward, it felt like a cloak of cement had been lifted.

My work with this woman ended a bit prematurely, although I now understand that spirit wanted me to move on.

Two years later I decided to dip my toe in again and found a hypnotherapist whose focus was to get to the root of people’s issues. He used a process of repeated regression, taking me back in time until I’d reached the root of an emotion I was numbing with food.

What was crazy was being regressed to when I was only a few months old, and then back to when I was in my mother’s womb, and eventually stopping when I was still in spirit and planning this life. Holy cow! We plan our lives before we’re born! It blew my mind. Not only was I shown some of what I’d planned, but the spiritual wisdom that came through me was incredibly healing.

One of the pieces of wisdom came when my son was in first grade and was having a lot of difficulties which were stressing me and sending me running to food. It had become clear that he was struggling with reading and he’d recently begun vision therapy, which he didn’t like.

What came through in hypnosis was seeing that we each have our own path in life to walk and no one can walk it for us. My son would have to walk his own path. I saw that when things get hard we slow down, and there will be times when we’re brought to our knees or we’re lying face down in the mud. But we’re never alone. We always have our spirit team with us and all we have to do is reach out a hand and help will come.

After this session I was able to let go, realizing there were some things about my son’s journey that I wouldn’t be able to control, and it would be ok.

There would be two more sessions seeing prebirth planning and receiving healing wisdom with this hypnotherapist. And it would be the first time I recognized a shift in my consciousness, as I began to see little bits of life through spiritual eyes. I began to read books by spiritual teachers, not really realizing I was beginning a spiritual path.

The same spring I stopped working with this hypnotherapist, I was introduced to energy healing. And a year later was the first ka-bang, awakening. Waking up an intense passion for energy healing.


About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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6 Responses to A Metaphysical Retrospective

  1. It is such a powerful journey, opening when we are ready to experience and understand something so beautiful as we lift our hearts more and more in doing so. A beautiful share kind lady, may it ever fill you with its love 😀❤️🙏🏽

  2. Carol anne says:

    wow! Such awesome experiences you had! ❤

  3. Lori says:

    Interesting. Thank you for sharing this. It’s always intriguing to learn of others’ experiences. My first spiritual experience came when I was a teen during prayer. It is still the most profound experience of all that I’ve had since, and I used a tiny bit of it in my new (fiction) book. What’s strange is that I had most of my experiences after I got my first dog (in my 30s). I still think he was quite the sage, that dog. I had a lot of spiritual experiences when he was here and few since he crossed over to the other side in ’09. People who never met him, that I’ve told about that dog, have had dreams about him after I told them about him. He’s a powerful spirit, and I miss him like crazy.

    • Wow! Thanks for sharing. Sounds like an amazing dog. I never had any spiritual experiences before mid life. My family wasn’t particularly spiritual or very religious. How cool that you’ve been connected since you were young.

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