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Every now and then we need to pause. I’ve needed to pause. To take a breath and let things settle. And one of my favorite ways to take a breather is to get out and take a few pictures. Our … Continue reading

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Happy Easter

Spring is beginning to spring, and today will be a small sharing of photos taken over the past few weeks. Here in the Pacific Northwest, the grass has seen its first mow, and trees and bushes are budding and beginning … Continue reading

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Winter in the PNW

I’m still getting used to winter in the Pacific Northwest, having grown up in the Northeast. While there are similarities between the coasts, there are also major differences. Here in the PNW, the winters are generally wet, cloudy, and dark … Continue reading

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Autumn has always been my favorite season, with the heat of summer gone and plants going to seed, leaves turning and days shortening. Growing up in the Northeast, summers were humid and anything much above eighty-three degrees was too uncomfortable. … Continue reading

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Some of My Favorite Tulip Photos

This year our local bulb growers are accepting visitors again. And because they are required to limit how many people can visit at once, they are selling tickets by date and time block. So if you’re local, go buy your … Continue reading

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Daffodil Time!

I live in a valley in Washington state known for our daffodils and tulips. And the bulbs are doing their thing. Yesterday, despite having a very rough day, I had to run an errand. And knowing our local daffodil fields … Continue reading

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Spring Equinox

Today is the Vernal Equinox! It happened precisely at 2:37 am where I live. The sun rose at exactly due east (90 degrees on the compass) and will set at exactly due west (270 degrees on the compass), which won’t … Continue reading

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State of Being

We all go through various states of being, some lasting longer than others. And some are more pleasing than others. When water cools to the point of crystallization, there’s something about the created patterns that are beautiful. Sacred geometry. And … Continue reading

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I’ve been trying to write lately. To purge myself of the absolute insane goings on in the world, but my brain hasn’t been cooperating. Lately, my system has been a backed up sewer to the point where my emotions have … Continue reading

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Year’s End

As we near the end of one of the most challenging years of our times, I’d like to share some photos. Because I’m still deep in the trenches of going through an ultra challenging Kundalini awakening, I’ve been unable to … Continue reading

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