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Early Morning

The energy roars and vibrates me awake.Inner heat warms my feet just a little too much.And my body won’t relax back into sleep.Weird dreams left to drift away. Peeling off my socks I try to cool downSo sleep will returnBut … Continue reading

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MTB: I am, The First Person Narrative

I don’t consider myself a good poet, but now and then I like to throw my hat into the ring. And having discovered a new blogger today, she led me to MTB: I am, The First Person Narrative and their … Continue reading

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Rain gently floats down in sheets of mist Obscuring the distant view. Rain drops plop from the sky Splattering in puddles, watering all it lands on. Huge droplets of water pour down Drenching all who dare to venture out. Water … Continue reading

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Washing dishes, mindlessly, Thoughts swirl through my head. Pushing the vacuum and wiping up dirt, Thoughts swirl through my head. Soaking in the tub And washing up in the shower, Thoughts swirl through my head. Mowing the yard, around and … Continue reading

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The Storm

Here comes that old familiar feeling again. That foul taste with every swallow. The immanent arrival of an unwanted and unwelcome storm. Batten down the hatches. Take stock of supplies and grab a few necessities while you still can. Do … Continue reading

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Who Am I?

Who am I? Am I a woman? Am I a mother? Am I a thinker? Am I a writer or a photographer? Am I what I do? No one asks anything of a tree, and yet they are a tree. … Continue reading

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Winter In The Pacific Northwest

The winter rains have arrived. Darkness falls before we are ready. Clouds dip down until they blanket treetops. Wet is everywhere. Light tries to filter through thick clouds. But it is reflected back to the sky. The salmon are returning … Continue reading

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Holding On

Here we go again, so I thought. My baby isn’t feeling well. His tummy hurts. His body is unhappy. And again. And again. What’s going on? Why doesn’t he get better? He doesn’t seem really sick But he’s in pain. … Continue reading

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