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The River’s Journey

Once upon a time, there was a river who wondered where they came from. Following upriver they noticed becoming more shallow and narrow until they were actually a stream. They wondered, am I a river or am I a stream? … Continue reading

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Behind the Scenes

I’ve tried to keep posts more upbeat and positive recently despite the rollercoaster that still is my Kundalini awakening. I oscillate between feeling well and having the positive outlook on life that’s my natural default, to feeling like I’m packing … Continue reading

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Leaves of mint and tiny lavender blossoms greet me. Mother Nature’s creatures hustle and bustle about busily singing, foraging, gathering and feeding their young. Pink roses are winding down from their spectacular burst, putting energy into new growth. Daring blackberry … Continue reading

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I’m happy to have made it this long without catching Covid – a nephew has had it twice – and glad that if I had to get it, I’m succumbing to one of the newer strains that’s not nearly as … Continue reading

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Late Winter Musings

February tends to be the time of year when we in the Northwest are tired of the wet and gray of winter, ready for life to spring forth once again. Ready to see more of the sun and more blue … Continue reading

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Winter in the PNW

I’m still getting used to winter in the Pacific Northwest, having grown up in the Northeast. While there are similarities between the coasts, there are also major differences. Here in the PNW, the winters are generally wet, cloudy, and dark … Continue reading

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I had no idea how heavy the weight of shame was until it was lifted off me. I had no idea I’d been walking an inauthentic life until inauthenticity took a hike. I had no idea how heavy judgment was … Continue reading

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Have Those Uncomfortable Conversations

I recently listened to an interview by host Kevin McDonald that really spoke to me. The guest was a woman whose teenage daughter had been sexually assaulted while volunteering at a church’s soup kitchen – assaulted while there were 50 … Continue reading

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Father’s Day

Thinking about my father on this celebrated day, and all the years I’d make or buy him a card to recognize him when I was younger. Later on, picking up the phone and calling him was preferred over any present … Continue reading

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Early Morning

The energy roars and vibrates me awake.Inner heat warms my feet just a little too much.And my body won’t relax back into sleep.Weird dreams left to drift away. Peeling off my socks I try to cool downSo sleep will returnBut … Continue reading

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