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Autumn Update

I’ve struggled to write lately, mostly because my mind is still heavily affected by my Kundalini awakening process. A process that is changing how I see and experience my world and the world at large. That said, life goes on. … Continue reading

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A Sea Story

My first deep-sea shipping job, three months out of maritime college was back in 1994 when I was hired on as an AB-watchstander. For those not in the know, when you work on a ship you carry ratings and qualifications; … Continue reading

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Rain gently floats down in sheets of mist Obscuring the distant view. Rain drops plop from the sky Splattering in puddles, watering all it lands on. Huge droplets of water pour down Drenching all who dare to venture out. Water … Continue reading

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He Really Didn’t Want A Hair Cut

My son was diagnosed with Sensory Processing Disorder when he was two years old. One of the effects of it was having extreme challenges with having his hair cut. The sound of scissors or clippers set him off. The feeling … Continue reading

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Happy Independence Day

Here in the US, we are celebrating our independence today. Here are a few fireworks shots I captured about a week ago when I was still on vacation. Here is one more for your enjoyment. I hope those who are … Continue reading

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Rolling Over and Standing Up.

How many times have you been in a situation where you got a call, text or a letter and were blindsided by someone and couldn’t think of the perfect response until later when you had calmed down and were able to … Continue reading

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Bringing Sunshine Into My Life

As we close out 2015, I am honored to have been nominated to receive the Sunshine Blogger award by my blogging friend, Jan Stone. Thank you Jan! I have to share that because of connecting to Jan via our blogs, a … Continue reading

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Seeking Serenity Now

Do you ever have those days where everything you write that you thought was poignant, potentially eloquent, or was at least very important, ended up sounding more like a rant? No? I don’t believe you. As for me, today’s blog post … Continue reading

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How To Raise a Crystal Dragon

Raising a crystal dragon is no easy feat. They have these wings and constantly want to fly away. What is a crystal dragon you ask? It’s a creature that some people believe is mythical, but I believe lives under my … Continue reading

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Another Piece of the Puzzle That Is My Son

Little Man is quite the complex puzzle of a kid. But then again, I suppose most kids are at least a little bit of a puzzle. Well, this one is what some people call an alphabet kid: he wears a … Continue reading

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