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Safety in Soul Agreements

I had a psychic reading last week to help give me a new perspective on something about my past. I not only got an interesting new perspective but also was told about a concept that had never occurred to me … Continue reading

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When I was very young I had gut trouble from time to time. It felt like there was a war going on inside me. I can still remember sitting in pain, wishing it away time and time again. And eventually, … Continue reading

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Love Is

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A Spiritual Perspective of Evil

I grew up being taught that evil is something really bad. The worst, in fact. To be evil was the worst possible thing a person could be. It meant they had no conscience, hurt people indiscriminately, were totally selfish, and … Continue reading

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Revisiting Old Wounds

Almost a decade and a half ago, during a hypnosis session geared at helping me gain control over my weight, I had a metaphysical experience where an angel enveloped me and healed me of shame. It was incredibly transformational, relieving … Continue reading

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I came to this world to do big things. But for years I never knew it. It wasn’t until my life began to take a walk on the wild/spiritual side that an inkling of my true life’s purpose began to … Continue reading

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Who Told You?

Who told you?Who told you that God is someone to be chased after?Who told you you’re not good… enough?That yes, sometimes you’re goodBut it’s not enough? Who told you God is outside?Outside and out of reach? Always just out of … Continue reading

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Jumping right in, my intention for 2022 is to surrender to whatever is. To be ok with what’s presented to me in the moment. It doesn’t mean to give up, but to stop pushing against things that aren’t what I … Continue reading

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Christ Consciousness

This time of year is when we pause briefly in our busy lives to celebrate the birth of and to reconnect with what a radical dude known as Jesus taught. That we are all one. We are interconnected not only … Continue reading

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What does love feel like? It feels like there’s nothing I could ever do that’s wrong. It’s a warm, comforting embrace of complete and utter acceptance. It’s the relief felt when you find out everything going to be ok. When … Continue reading

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