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Surrender and Acceptance

For the past few weeks, I’d been sitting on a cloud of hope. Hope that working with a talented healer I was guided to would help me create the inner and outer coherence that’s been missing from my life for … Continue reading

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The New Year

This New Year’s Day I was hanging up new calendars and noticed finding it very easy to throw one away while I kept the other. The one I kept I buy annually from a photographer local to the cottage in … Continue reading

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Celebrating the Season

For the past five Christmases, I’ve been deep in a process of inner change that’s challenged me like nothing else. Granted, a Kundalini awakening stirs and shakes up a person’s life, but I never knew the initial phase that’s the … Continue reading

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Thanks and Gratitude

Every once in a while I notice something different. I react to situations differently than I used to. Instead of seeing the worst in people and what’s wrong with the world, what pops into my head are the silver linings. … Continue reading

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Never Regret Choosing Love

Mothering a child with invisible disabilities is not easy, but it’s rewarding. It’s a path chosen by souls who want to evolve. The interplay between my son’s and my life has included great joys and plenty of times that weren’t … Continue reading

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Salt Water

Ever since I was a young girl I’ve loved the ocean. Walking rocky beaches looking for treasure. Looking for shells, sea glass, and rocks with a white line circumscribed around them. Looking for quartz, mica, and garnets. I think my … Continue reading

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Another Trip Around the Sun

I don’t generally blog about my birthday, but this year the celebration extended to three days. Not feeling quite like myself, I haven’t felt like celebrating for the past few years – which isn’t me. Growing up, birthdays were a … Continue reading

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Speed Bumps!

Have you ever been cruising along and all of a sudden, whammo! A speed bump? Sometimes they’re little, and sometimes they’re intense enough to mess up your car’s alignment. Other than dealing with my Kundalini awakening for the past several … Continue reading

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This summer had been a time for digging in and continuing a fairly intense healing journey. Moving me forward in my soul’s journey. And something that’s been coming up has me thinking back about a dozen years when I was … Continue reading

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Leaves of mint and tiny lavender blossoms greet me. Mother Nature’s creatures hustle and bustle about busily singing, foraging, gathering and feeding their young. Pink roses are winding down from their spectacular burst, putting energy into new growth. Daring blackberry … Continue reading

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