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Earth Angels

Originally posted on Remembering My Divinity:
Still working my way through Kundalini awakening, my hypnotherapist recently guided me into my inner world to have a conversation with my body. But before going into hypnotherapy, I had a psychic reading a…

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Inspiration swirls ’roundorange, yellow, and red. Dropping from branches,it sometimes lands gentle, fluffy, and white. While other times it splashesboisterously through puddlesstomping its presence. It slips in seamlesslybetween my thoughts And rains down my backalong with soap suds,first poking my … Continue reading

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Knots in my psyche are being untied. Yarn unraveling Collected into a ball by angels Who take it back to Source. The grand recycler of the Universe. Where it will be knitted into an arm, A breeze, or a toddler’s … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day – It’s Complicated

Today here in the US it’s Mother’s Day, a day to honor and celebrate the women who birthed us and who raised us. And for those who are mothers, it’s a day to be recognized for all your hard work … Continue reading

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Meditation and Healing

Originally posted on Remembering My Divinity:
Quick note: I wrote this yesterday. Today, the day after an attempted coup on my nation’s capital, we as a collective are a bit hungover. Yesterday, the amount of fear and anger that was…

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Merry Christmas

I love Christmas trees! And here are a few I’ve come across in my local travels. May you all find peace and happiness this holiday season.

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The Christmas Tree

Wanting to surprise me first thing last Friday morning, and because his father had asked him a few times, Little Man put up and decorated our Christmas tree. With the exception of one or two Christmases, since my hubby and … Continue reading

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Trip To The Northeast

This gallery contains 3 photos.

Originally posted on Life Is A Journey… Not A Guided Tour:
Recently, I had a chance to fly from the Northwest to the Northeast and spend a few weeks by the ocean in Maine. This is one of my oldest…

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When Normal Is Gone

Ever since Kundalini energy opened in my body like a tap cranked full-on, my life has been altered. Or should I say, my perception of life has been altered. I still live in the same place, pretty much have the … Continue reading

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I’ve been getting back into the mode of watching interviews on YouTube of people who have some sort of spiritual gift. Either they’re psychic or have had a near-death experience, they connect with dead people or channel spirits. Recently, I … Continue reading

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