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You Are A Miracle

Originally posted on Remembering My Divinity:
I want to share the story behind these words, but the words aren’t flowing well lately. One of the effects of my Kundalini awakening experience has very literally been brain rewiring, creating all sorts of challenges in my…

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To Witness

Originally posted on Remembering My Divinity:
I’m finally wrapping my brain around an amazing concept called “to witness”. It’s a verb that unlike many verbs, is an action word and is a word of no physical action at the same time.…

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Love and Acceptance

Originally posted on Remembering My Divinity:
How much easier is it to accept or love another person when you remember they are part of the human race? How much easier is it to accept or love someone once you get to…

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Love Is The Greatest Power There Is

When I say that love is the greatest power there is, some people think of what they would do for someone they love. They would die for someone they love. They would sacrifice their life for someone they love. I … Continue reading

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Another Perspective On Shootings

Originally posted on Remembering My Divinity:
A few days ago, a man walked into our local mall (Cascade Mall, Burlington, WA), and opened fire with a rifle, killing five people. It was horrifying and scary, and because it took three…

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A Pre-Birth Plan With a Manic-Depressive Mother?

Originally posted on Ask The Council:
This post is inspired by questions from a reader named Susan about her and her mother’s pre-birth spiritual plan for this lifetime. Susan says her relationship with her mother was often painful, especially when…

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Choose Love

Originally posted on Remembering My Divinity:
I haven’t posted in a while because I’m away from home. I’ve travelled with my son to spend time with a dear friend and also to have a handful of healing sessions (both my…

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This is Our Love Story: A Guest Post from Susan Snyder

Originally posted on Michelle R. Terry:
My love, This is our love story. Loving you wasn’t easy at first. Our beginnings were fraught with denial. I majored in denial and got an A in that class. The funny thing is,…

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Here We Go Again: School Is In Session

School started early in Little Man’s life. He was 2. After beginning speech therapy for speech delay and then occupational therapy for sensory integration issues, I found out about a preschool that our town offers for free to qualifying kids. But … Continue reading

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Our Time By the Ocean

Little Man and I spent a few weeks on the Maine coast, overlooking the Atlantic. It was so good to be back there, to my former home, where I started my life of working on the ocean back in the … Continue reading

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