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Gratitude is the feeling of connection with our heart. With the Source of Energy and Love that created us, from which we are made. Gratitude is a feeling that everything’s ok. There’s no stress or strife or difficulty. There’s no pushing against … Continue reading

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Giving Thanks Tonight

Here it is, on the eve of Thanksgiving here in the US, and it’s easy for me to find many things to be thankful and grateful for. I am fortunate in so many ways, from having a stable home to … Continue reading

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Happy Mother’s Day to My Son

Dearest Little Man, Today I am wishing you a happy Mother’s Day because your being in my life has made me a mother. Because of you, I have entered into the sisterhood that comes from raising a child, no matter … Continue reading

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Shoot This! Connecting To Nature

My favorite way to connect to nature is with camera in hand. When I’m out and about, I’ll see something that speaks to me, that lights me up inside, and when it happens I have to capture that moment to share it with the … Continue reading

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Living A Life Of Gratitude

The way home is through living a life of gratitude. I took this in, while watching Dr. Brené Brown being interviewed by Oprah on Super Soul Sunday. Then, Dr. Brown talked about how living a life of gratitude is a … Continue reading

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Thank You and You’re Welcome

Why is it that some people just can’t accept a gift? Why is it so hard to just say, “Thank you.” Were they raised with wolves, or do they not feel worthy of being given a gift? If you are … Continue reading

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