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Parenting Special Needs, What You Don’t See

Five and a half years ago, we took Little Man out of public school when his mental health tanked. And since then we’ve had a journey of navigating doing school at home while learning how to manage mental health. All … Continue reading

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What a Diffference a Year Makes

No, this won’t be a year-in-review type post. Just remembering where I was, what I was doing a year ago today, Christmas Eve. I was here at my home, living in a blur world. My mother’s in-home caregiver had called … Continue reading

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Mother’s Day Without Mom

This is the first Mother’s Day that I am motherless. It feels weird. Even though Mom and I weren’t as close as a lot of mothers and daughters, I would always acknowledge her on Mother’s Day. She would be celebrated … Continue reading

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Clearing Out A Lifetime of Things

I recently returned from having spent a week emptying my mother’s house. It was the house I lived in from 10 years old, until I spread my wings and left the nest in my 20’s. The memories in that house … Continue reading

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The In Between Time

Such a weird feeling; this in between time. It’s a strange haze of grief, yet at the same time, living life. And that entails the normal range of emotions from sadness, to frustration and anger, to joy, laughter, and having … Continue reading

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December 27, 2012 I came into the house. The familiar house that I grew up in. The cats are happy to see me- they are hungry because they haven’t had breakfast yet. Beyond tired from a red-eye flight that was … Continue reading

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