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Christ Consciousness

This time of year is when we pause briefly in our busy lives to celebrate the birth of and to reconnect with what a radical dude known as Jesus taught. That we are all one. We are interconnected not only … Continue reading

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Veteran’s Day

On this Veteran’s Day it’s my deepest and most sincere desire that one day people are able to find ways to keep lines of communication open, and to learn how to heal broken lines of communication so we don’t have … Continue reading

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I had no idea how heavy the weight of shame was until it was lifted off me. I had no idea I’d been walking an inauthentic life until inauthenticity took a hike. I had no idea how heavy judgment was … Continue reading

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Nine Eleven

Today is a marker for a day of collective trauma here in the U.S. The 20th anniversary of 9/11. You don’t even have to say more than the date. We all know what happened. Terrorists attacked our country. And in … Continue reading

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Knots in my psyche are being untied. Yarn unraveling Collected into a ball by angels Who take it back to Source. The grand recycler of the Universe. Where it will be knitted into an arm, A breeze, or a toddler’s … Continue reading

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On this Independence Day here in the US, the talk of the day is about freedom. Freedom from oppression, freedom from enslavement. For our country it began as freedom from British rule without representation, and that’s about as far as … Continue reading

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Windows to the Soul

As a photographer I love to capture a person’s essence when I photograph them. No, I’m not a professional photographer, but it’s been a lifelong passion, and getting a really great shot of someone isn’t always easy. Most portraits I … Continue reading

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Empowerment Through Healing

How powerful do you feel? Do you feel like you have the power to control your life? Do you feel like you have very little power when it comes to controlling things in your life? Does feeling powerful have appeal … Continue reading

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Be Best! And Other Crap Advice We’re Given

About five years ago, a campaign for everyone to, “Be Best!” was pushed onto my country and our children. Right off the bat, it was a little confusing. I put phrases like that in a category with, “Be nice!” It … Continue reading

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Gratitude and Shit

I’ll start by letting everyone know I totally ripped my post title off from a fellow blogger I admire. One of the things he posts about every now and then is just this: gratitude and whatever else is going on. … Continue reading

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