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Inspiration swirls ’roundorange, yellow, and red. Dropping from branches,it sometimes lands gentle, fluffy, and white. While other times it splashesboisterously through puddlesstomping its presence. It slips in seamlesslybetween my thoughts And rains down my backalong with soap suds,first poking my … Continue reading

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2017 Wrap Up

As 2017 winds down, looking back to the beginning of the year, we put a new president into the White House, one whom I (and many others) would soon recognize as having a personality disorder. My son was busy unschooling, … Continue reading

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Life In Balance

Doesn’t life feel better when things are in balance? When there isn’t too much of any one thing; enough productivity to feel good, and enough down time to relax and recharge. Yessireebob! Then why is so much of life so NOT in … Continue reading

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What If?

What if we didn’t tie our children’s inherent value to their performance? What if they aren’t good only if they can behave? What if they aren’t smart only if they get good grades? What if being good isn’t the goal? … Continue reading

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I Still See You: A Letter To My Son

A little over a year ago, my son was having an extremely difficult time in school, and I read an article that sparked this letter to him: I See You, A Letter To My Son. Even though it’s only been … Continue reading

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Lessons In Legos

I never know where inspiration will strike. Or when. But lately, it’s been brought on by Legos. Yup. Those colorful building blocks that my son can’t seen to get enough of right now. I keep seeing analogies to life in them. … Continue reading

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