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What If You Knew?

What if you knew how truly amazing you really are?  

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Happy Mother’s Day to My Son

Dearest Little Man, Today I am wishing you a happy Mother’s Day because your being in my life has made me a mother. Because of you, I have entered into the sisterhood that comes from raising a child, no matter … Continue reading

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I Think I Bit Off More Than I Can Chew!

I noticed that lately, I haven’t felt the burning desire to run to my computer and write out my “stuff.” Things on the outside seem much the same, and to tell the truth, a bit boring to write about. But … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday to My Greatest Teacher

Ten years ago, less one day, just minutes before midnight, I was wheeled into an operating room, having just been told that my baby had to be taken out of me. The first thing I said, was, “It’s too soon!!” … Continue reading

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Thank You For Being Here. You May Go Now.

In the path of healing, there comes a point, or perhaps several, where it is appropriate to say goodbye to things that no longer serve me well. These things take many forms; be they habits, reactions, attitudes, relationships, or a … Continue reading

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An Unexpected Opportunity for Growth

I have learned that going through tough times in life are when we grow as a person. And when we experience really tough times, and are able to rise to the occasion and make it through, those are times we learn … Continue reading

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