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Family Vacation

A week ago, we came home from a family vacation on the coast of Maine, where we’d spent a few weeks enjoying the water, the view, and time away. Unlike years previous, this trip wasn’t quite the relaxing respite or fun … Continue reading

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Solar Eclipse 2017

Today was a rare solar eclipse that passed across the width of the continental United States. Being in Washington State, I wasn’t in the path of totality, but the majority of the sun was covered at its maximum. It was very exciting … Continue reading

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Video Interlude

Living in one of the wettest and most cloudy areas of our country (in the winter), presents a host of challenges for photographers. I’ll admit it, I’m a fair weather photographer, for the most part. I don’t want to have … Continue reading

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Shooting Eagles

Photography has been a lifelong passion, and lately, my son and I have been getting into videography. He’s been totally rocking flying drones, working on his piloting skills and also his videography skills. As he edits and puts together more … Continue reading

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What Gets You Jazzed?

The other afternoon, I was speeding up the interstate, when off to my right, with the lighting absolutely perfect, was a massive flock of snow geese, and a handful of Canadian geese. There were probably a few hundred in the … Continue reading

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Preview To Our End of Summer Trip

Now that Little Man is no longer tied to our public school system, or to their calendar, we took our trip to the northeast in September, just after Labor Day. It’s a gorgeous time to be there, tourist and summer … Continue reading

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Sunset At The Overlook

Several days ago, Little Man and I headed out to a local view spot, Samish Overlook. My dude had been practicing flying a camera equipped drone that he recently got, and was jonesing to fly it at the overlook. The … Continue reading

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Spring Tulip Festival 2016

Every April, the county where in live in Washington state celebrates the advent of spring with a Tulip Festival. It runs the entire month, but the flowers come up and bloom in their own time. This year they were on the … Continue reading

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Spring Tulips

It’s that time of year again! Tulip time!! The valley where I live is home to two of the largest family owned tulip growers in the country. And the month of April celebrates this beautiful flower (and other bulbs) with … Continue reading

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What Is It About A Photograph?

I should have probably titled this post, what is it about a scene that screams out to me to snap a photo of it, to freeze it in time for posterity. But that was just a tad too long. Seriously. Sometimes … Continue reading

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