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Casting Off A Cloak Of Shame, Kinda Sorta By Accident

Back in early 2008 I had once again made a New Year’s commitment to lose weight (a lifelong battle), and to that end, was working with a hypnotherapist. At that point, I knew that my issues were more than what dieting … Continue reading

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Skeletons In The Closet

So many families have them. Skeletons in the closet. Secrets kept in shame. Societal violations that are deemed too fraught with peril to speak about. Shrouded in fear. Fear that people will find out about the big secret. And ostracize … Continue reading

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Sin Is a Cultural Misbelief

I so love the idea that sin is a cultural misbelief. This idea is not mine. It was downloaded into the consciousness of a woman who was chosen to receive messages from the divine. She jokes about being chosen because … Continue reading

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