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My Son, My Teacher

Lately, I have learned that we choose to come into physical form (life) in order to learn life lessons. And that we pre-arrange to learn them with a group of people who hang with us from lifetime to lifetime: our … Continue reading

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Healing is Happening- An Akashic Record Healing Update

Almost two weeks ago, I had an Akashic Record Healing session. You can read about it here. As with a lot of energy work, the spiritual/energy body processes the information immediately, followed by the emotional and then the physical body.  In the … Continue reading

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How I Met My Angel

In January of 2008, I met one of my angels. Before you go writing me off as some sort of loony or psycho, we met in hypnosis. I was working with a hypnotherapist, toward the goal of weight loss (yet … Continue reading

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