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What a Diffference a Year Makes

No, this won’t be a year-in-review type post. Just remembering where I was, what I was doing a year ago today, Christmas Eve. I was here at my home, living in a blur world. My mother’s in-home caregiver had called … Continue reading

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Is Suicide Ever Ok?

On Christmas Eve day, 2012, I got the dreaded call from my mother’s in-home caregiver. She helped Mom twelve hours a day, and knowing Mom had been having difficulty sleeping lately, was lettingĀ her sleep in. When it got pretty late, … Continue reading

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December 27, 2012 I came into the house. The familiar house that I grew up in. The cats are happy to see me- they are hungry because they haven’t had breakfast yet. Beyond tired from a red-eye flight that was … Continue reading

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Happy New Year or Thank God 2012 Is Finally Over

As I reflect on this past year, it has been full of challenges. More than any single year in my life to date. And much to my surprise, I have risen to each challenge with more grace and ease than … Continue reading

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She’s Finally At Peace

This morning, I received the dreaded phone call from my mom’s caregiver. This time, instead of the usual, “Just calling to let you know that everything’s fine,” from her chipper voice, I got an upset, “Something’s wrong; I think she’s … Continue reading

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