Life, Perspective, and Healing

Just to let you all know, about six weeks ago, I had a healing session that ended up shifting my entire perspective of life. Everything. And the weird thing is, because I can see things from a higher perspective now, I can see common threads between things more easily, and am healing pains from my life at a higher level, which then trickles down. Essentially, I’m creating change for myself exponentially faster than I’ve been doing for the past four years.

At times, it feels like I’m on a bit of a carnival ride. But because my work in this area has been very purposeful and has progressed very organically, I’m hanging in there. The interesting thing is, because I now have the capability to heal things for myself, without needing to use hypnosis, all sorts of things are bubbling up, asking to be healed. It feels like this process is increasing with speed and efficiency, spiraling up and up, faster and faster.

I feel like the process that’s happening is trying to reach a crescendo, opening up to yet another level. But right now I can’t write much about it because I’m smack dab in the middle of it. After it’s rolled out a bit more and life settles down in that arena, I’ll write more.

Something I’ve wanted to speak about in a language that everyone can understand is just what healing means. What it is. With a new perspective on life, it occurred to me that speaking about life and healing in terms of perspective is something everyone can wrap their mind around.

First of all, most people don’t realize, but everyone sees the world just a bit differently from the next. Yes, the same physical objects might be in front of a bunch of people, but which object a person looks at, and what about that object a person pays attention to, is highly individual. And what colors how we see everything in life? Our life experiences, interests, and the subconscious beliefs we create about ourselves and our lives.

Every single person on this planet has their own perspective of life. And how we see ourselves and our life, often differs widely from someone else. Siblings can grow up in the same household and have completely different perceptions of life growing up together.

Healing something is merely making a change in how we see things in life. It’s a shift of perspective. That’s it. Other shifts of perspective happen when we have an aha moment, or when you’ve been struggling to make sense of something, and it finally becomes clear.

The difference with healing, is that changes in perspective are purposefully sought out. They are purposefully created. With healing, people strive to find a different perspective of things that help them feel better in life; to let go of pains and allow more love into their hearts.

And healers have a way of looking at life that gives them powerful tools to help people create change in their lives. Here’s an example of how healing works compared with something like counseling (which is very helpful as well).

A few years ago, when my son was in elementary school, he struggled to do homework after school most days. By the time he got home, he was fried. His brain was cooked. But he had reading requirements every day, and worksheets to finish. We’d sit at the dining room table and I’d try to get him to do his work. Inevitably, most days he’d freeze up and couldn’t do anything.

Because I knew he knew how to do the work, and I didn’t understand what was going on with him, I’d get frustrated. The more frustrated I got, the more locked up tight he got. I’d try so hard to not get all worked up, but my thoughts always ran to all sorts of ugly scenarios of him growing up and not being able to do work or get a job. More than once, I got so wound up that I had to give myself a time-out. That’s the point when many people blow up at their kid’s inability to perform.

Looking at a scene like this from a counselor’s point of view, they would work with a person to help them learn coping skills, like taking a time out before going rogue on your kid. They might have asked me to look further into my feelings to see what feelings beneath the overt and obvious ones, were acting up. Recognizing that when we are triggered into anger is because of feelings we hold deep down, if we can uncover them, we can shift our perspective from: my kid is stressing me out, to: my kid’s difficulty is reminding me of difficulty I have doing work under pressure at my job. It’s not really about my kid. It’s about me. When you change how you see things, it can ease your burden, and help you recognize that your child is merely a trigger for your feelings.

The difference with using a healer is, they usually use intuitive skills in some way. They can help a person see further into an issue, to look deeper into what’s going on. My modality of choice has been hypnosis, because it allows me to be able to do the seeing, giving me all the power in creating change for myself. It very directly affects my own heart, allowing me to open it up. My hypnotherapist guides me along, but I do all of the looking.

In the relaxed and focused hypnotic state, when I looked into what was going on between my son and I during those really stressful moments at the dining room table, I was able to notice feelings going on that I couldn’t even feel when my mind was fully conscious. I had blocked out half of my feelings. What bubbled up were a few statements: “What’s wrong with you? Are you defective or something?” I was directing that statement towards my kid in my mind. And as I was guided to go back in time to the very first time that thought came to me, I was able to see a scene between my mother and I when I was very young. She was saying those same words to me. And a moment later, intuitive knowledge hit me that I actually picked up these thought from my mother. She was actually thinking them about herself. She thought there was something wrong with her, and that she was defective.

In that moment, my perception of my feelings went from thinking my son was defective, to thinking I was defective, to knowing that my mother had felt that she was defective and I picked up her thoughts, owning them as my own (kids do this). Because I’d uncovered a deeply held subconscious belief about myself, and was able to find a new perspective that was different and worked for me, that little girl in me was instantly able to let go of the belief that she was defective. Instantly, a shift in perception was created that would ripple out into my life, affecting more than just homework time at the table.

When we grow up, we form beliefs about ourselves all the time. Most of this belief creation is done by the time we are about six years old. It correlates to brain development. When life activates a belief, it becomes further entrenched into our psyches, becoming deeply buried in our subconscious mind.

Anytime something in my life would activate this old belief, a part of me would act up and I would feel “stressed”. This is what stress is. Old shitty beliefs we carry about ourselves that aren’t true. But because we’re not aware of them, they mess with us six ways to Sunday. Creating a shift in perspective that addressed a subconscious belief I held about myself, created powerful change throughout my life.

The next time the exact same scenario came up with my son and his homework, as he melted down and his brain froze up, instead of frustration and anger rising up in me, I literally felt a hole of nothingness. Empty. It was so odd that I burst out laughing; which caused my son to look questioningly at me and then join me in laughter.

Creating a change in how we see things can help us feel better every day. And if you want to get down to the root of things, finding ways to look intuitively can take you quite literally to the root of how an issue first began. Put a change of perspective on it and it can change your life in wonderful ways.


About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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17 Responses to Life, Perspective, and Healing

  1. kayla says:

    Wow. So much yes to this. I am so glad to hear that you were able to experience such tremendous healing in your hypnotherapy session. This is mainly the reason why I got into this realm of work myself. The iceberg is real. So much is hidden and repressed within our subconscious that drives so so so much of our conscious thinking, feeling, behaving, and to be able to access that hidden space with our intuition in hand opens up so many opportunities for healing and shifts in perspective. I realized in my own personal session work that practically all of the negative and limiting thoughts I had held for so many years were not actually my own but ones that I attached myself to by way of my parents or peers – they were not truth, they were simply projections and stories. Once I was able to recognize that, I was able to step into a space where I could heal my inner child, much like you were able to here, while also stepping into a space where I felt understanding and compassion for those who felt the need to project those ideas onto me. This was a fantastic post! Thank you so much for sharing.

    • Thanks for your comment. I’ve been able to heal a lifetime of pain so quickly using this technique. I’ve used other types of healing work, but this works so well for me. And have had spiritual awakenings happen along the way (not intentional, but a part of the process for me). Appreciate your reading!

  2. Jami Carder says:

    I agree, healing is just a change in perception. I use the word just, but it’s not that easy, especially starting out. I’m glad you’re having such great success in your journey💕

    • The thing I notice, is that this sort of change increases upon itself. It is exponential. Once you can change your perception even one step, it makes taking the next step that much easier, and so on. Change can happen exponentially, as far as a person wants to take it. And you’ve already taken more steps than most people I know. Seriously.

  3. candidkay says:

    So I’ve read that when you’re ascending, you call to you in life all those things that need attention and healing to ascend faster. Sounds like you’re in a fast market:).

    • You have no idea. I might not be able to write much about specifics for a while because change is happening very fast right now. But as challenging as some days are, things are ever on an upwards trend.

      • candidkay says:

        I would love to hear more!

        • One thing that is being very fun is having the experience of my intuition open up quite a bit. I can see (perceive) connections between things that I couldn’t see before. Picture an invisible field of energy that contains any and all information represented a little dots of light. When I’m trying to figure something out, or look for something, my brain can see the exact dots I need, grab them all, and assemble them into exactly what I need, in a flash (instead of doing days of research, sifting and sorting through piles of extraneous info to find just what I’m looking for). This is what I perceive of as “instant manifesting” while still in a physical body. And sometimes, I have an experience of instantly knowing something (without knowing how I know). This has mostly been a fun thing.

  4. I love this blog post. So much in it to learn from and take solace in. And your definition of healing is very accessible on spot-on. I feel I’m on a similar journey with the dots starting to connect and me being able to seeing things from a different, more distant perspective (tremendously helped by doing very uncomfortable shadow work). I certainly do hope that things will take that same positive turn they seem to be taking for you. At least then the pain will have been all worth it.

    • Thank you for reading and commenting. Lots has happened since this post, and I am grasping the bigger picture of my recent carnival ride. It has been called Kundalini Awakening, Ascension, and death of the ego. I am finding new words to describe it as it goes along. The “ride” is definitely not for everyone. But when I get to where I’m going it will be so worth it. And I feel like I’m close.

      And yes, doing shadow work is the way. I chose to do my shadow work working with a hypnotherapist, because that way I could handle the emotional discomfort much easier.

      • Sounds like you had some very powerful experiences! I’m just wondering: can we ever get (and stay) there? Or is it a continuous being in the moment. One that has to be renewed – and regained every single moment?

  5. PS: You might like this post, too, that I just happened to stumble upon while catching up on the blogs I follow:
    Goes very well with what you say, too.

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