Remembering My Divinity

Three years ago, my parents had both died, the family house was emptied and sold, and my older brother was in the throes of executing both of our parents’ wills.

With everything that had gone on during 2012, the year from hell, I took this opportunity to really start digging in and work on healing the little girl inside of me. She had a very rough road during a lot of the first 16 or so years of her life.

By this point I had just discovered a hypnotherapist who helped me make big progress in my personal life. She was the perfect fit for me, with her backgrounds in counseling, hypnosis, and spirituality, guiding me through sessions where I reclaimed bits of my spirit and started to heal childhood wounds. Instead of spending months talking about an issue, trying to figure it out, using hypnosis we got out the bulldozer and trenched directly to the truth; creating massive amounts of healing in a short amount of time.

As I began to reclaim pieces of myself, I was able to see scenes from my young life that I had blocked out from my conscious mind. Scenes where my mother and brother treated me badly. Very badly. And it started very young. The more I opened up and healed, the more things were able to bubble up, screaming out to be healed as well.

One of the emotions that was buried very deep was anger. Mega-tons of it. And fear. As the anger in particular was given an opportunity to come up, I needed a safe place to process it and to vent. Because writing is one of my most effective ways to process, I created an anonymous blog. I was able to rant and rave there and be a victim of abuse, and identify with other victims.

In the past three years, because of the progress I’ve made in healing, the majority of my being no longer identifies with “victim.” Yes, I identify with having been wounded and having experienced certain traumas in my life, but most of the time I don’t feel like a victim. Because of this shift, I decided to stop writing in my anonymous blog and create a sister blog to this one.

from manure beautiful flowers grow

Remembering My Divinity is a place where I write about the darker and more difficult things in my life and how I am finding my way out of the darkness into the light. It has a spiritual perspective because that’s the lens through which my healing is happening, and my life is now lived. My entire healing path has been one that has been leading me to remember the Divine spirit that I am at my core.

It is showing me that I am not my role as former merchant mariner, wife, mother, sister, or friend. I am not society’s judgment of me. I am not this female, middle-aged body. I am a curious eternal spirit that inhabits and has a partnership with this body, who performs roles and talks and walks through life looking and acting as I do. Through healing, I’ve learned that my life and the abuse I suffered was and is absolutely not random. And I am learning how and why I create this experience that is my life.

My healing path is reconnecting me to my direct connection to God, which is also known as intuition, giving me additional tools to navigate the world in another way, using things like clairvoyance, clairsentience, claircognizance, and more.

As frank and honest as I write in general, Remembering My Divinity goes deeper into the realm of real and at times uncomfortable and controversial, that I’d rather keep separate from this blog. As the new blog is just that, new, there are only a handful of posts so far; and I invite you to pop over and check it out.

Meanwhile, over here I’ll still be writing about life as mom to a very special boy, our new adventures into de-schooling and homeschooling, sharing my photography, and sharing a bit about energy healing as I continue that work.

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I Still See You: A Letter To My Son

A little over a year ago, my son was having an extremely difficult time in school, and I read an article that sparked this letter to him: I See You, A Letter To My Son.

Even though it’s only been a year since then, so much has happened that I wanted to write a new letter to my son.

To My Beautiful and Amazing Son,

You’ve been to hell and back recently, haven’t you. I wanted you to know that I see how brave you have been.

I see how brave you are to allow a blood draw, when I know the thought of it terrifies you.

I see how strong you are when you wake up every day to a brain that still calls anxiety it’s go-to feeling, and you manage most days to flip a switch and leave that bitch at the curb.

And on days when anxiety just won’t let you alone, I see how messed up it makes you feel. And it’s ok.

I see how you white knuckled it through school all those years, to please me, your teachers, and everyone else.

And I see that you couldn’t do it a second longer.

I see you white knuckle it through dentist visits and hair cuts because of sensory overload, discomfort and pain.

I see your patience with me as I fumble along, trying to figure out how to navigate the new and unexpected.

And even when you don’t want to take one more supplement pill or capsule, I see you do it anyway, because right now, they are critical.

I see the independent teenager you are becoming, simultaneously being the boy who still needs his mom every now and then.

I see that when you are excited to learn about something, you pour yourself into it with everything you have and are. And that’s what education should look like: excitement.

I see that it takes your brain a little bit longer to process certain new information, and that you struggle with that particularly because otherwise, your brain goes so unbelievably fast.

I see how much in your young life is a struggle and is painful, and I understand that the glass is often half empty.

And I see your heart, when I’m having a tough day and all you want is for me to feel better.

I see your potential as unlimited, because with your golden heart, your drive, and your intellect, you are most definitely going places in this world. I don’t know where you’ll end up or how you’re going to get there, but I know it will be amazing. As amazing as you are.



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What is Energy Healing and How Does it Work?

Until about seven years ago, I had never heard the term energy healing and had no clue what it was. It occurred to me that many of you beautiful readers also have no clue about it, so this one’s for you!

The first time I ever saw the term energy healing was on a brochure that was in my son’s optometrist’s office. This guy’s wife did what she called Energy Therapy. The claims made on the brochure included being able to help heal physical issues, improve relationships, help you bring more money into your life, lose weight… Stop the presses! Lose weight! She had me at Free Consultation.

That was the start of a massive education in life and the human body. Since then, I have become Reiki attuned, had a spiritual awakening, and have learned about and have had experiences with a variety of forms of energy healing.

In order to make sense of how I see energy healing, I have to take you back to my understanding of the human body. We all know that we have a physical body made of tissues, bones and liquids. And there are all sorts of organs and systems that perform millions of functions in order to keep the body going. Most of these functions happen automatically, and we don’t even think about them, like cell regeneration, breathing and digestion. In fact, unless something isn’t functioning well, we tend to go on with our lives not concentrating on our bodies.

What most people aren’t aware of is that as well as having a physical body, we also have energy bodies that exist within and without our physical one. The life force (spirit) that animates our bodies comes from outside of our physical body and remains connected to it as long as our body is alive. Death is the withdrawing of that life force back into the non-physical. Our bodies have highways and rotaries of energy that overlay, permeate and affect it (they are called energy meridians and chakras).

meridian channels

As much as I have learned about the energy bodies, there is still quite a lot I don’t know. Here’s one way I see things that works for me. Picture an energy matrix that permeates your physical body and extends beyond it. That matrix holds your beliefs and emotions and a whole lot more. What goes on in the energy bodies affects the physical body. It’s in the physical dimension that what we carry energetically is ultimately created or manifested.


Please keep in mind that my descriptions for the sake of this post will be pretty rudimentary. There are so many details that I don’t know and don’t understand because to accomplish what I’ve accomplished, they haven’t been necessary.

What I do know is, that we carry around a lot of “stuff” in our energy bodies that exist as patterns of energy that vibrate at different rates. An example of this is an emotion: anger. It exists as a pattern of energy that vibrates at a low rate, and when we do not allow it to fully move through our self, it can become “stuck” and will slow down or stop the flow of energy within our body. In order for us to be healthy and for all systems to be functioning properly, our various energies need to continue to flow.

Our emotions are energy in motion: e-motion.

When you hold in your emotions and do not express them or allow them to flow through you, they will find places to lodge and they’ll bugger up your emotional body. If you carry a belief that you are anything less than a brilliant divine being, your mental body will be affected. Over time, these will all negatively affect your physical body or your life in some way.

Physical illness is caused when there is a blockage of energy. A fever is just one way the body breaks up a blockage to allow the body to heal itself. Blockages that have been with you for a long time can lead to chronic conditions like type 2 diabetes, psoriasis, high blood pressure or even cancer. There is always the potential to improve these conditions with energy work, and the possibility to heal them completely.

Because the physical body is created from your energy bodies, energy healing works at the level of the energy bodies. During energy healing, stuck energy is released at this non-physical level beyond the body, leading to healing within the body. It all trickles down with the physical being the last in the chain.

Intuitives who can sense these energetic bodies can sense a disease process happening, even before it has affected the physical body. They can often not only sense stuck energy, but what it’s about. Often times, just bringing this information to the conscious mind is all you need to be able to let it go and clear that which was stuck.

The work I’ve been doing, especially over the past three years has been clearing a lot of stuck energies in my mental and emotional bodies: old beliefs that are no longer working for me, and emotions like anger and frustration that I was still holding onto. I’ve also been clearing away blocks that literally cut pieces of my spirit off from the rest of me, bringing the bits and pieces back, helping me feel more whole and more like myself.

People make a lot of claims with energy healing, like, that it can improve your relationships, help you get more money, bring you more vitality and better health; and it can. I’m not saying that it definitely will, but that it most certainly can. You have to be a willing partner.

We, as energy beings vibrate a signature vibration that is us. Everyone’s is unique. And that vibration is composed of everything that is you, including your thoughts, your beliefs, your levels of self-confidence and self-love, and more. As you go along in life, you take on beliefs and experience events that leave various emotions stuck in us. I see it as taking on layers of dust or dirt. Eventually, you might become so clogged up energetically with muck and crud that your essence can’t shine through any longer.

Because the vibration that we emanate out to the world is mirrored back to us in terms of what we are able to create, the deeper our light becomes buried, the more challenging life becomes. We create our lives literally through the vibrations that we send out to the world. If you carry unconscious beliefs that there is something wrong with you and that you don’t deserve a great life, that’s what will be created in front of your eyes: a life with issues. If you have difficulty creating a successful career, it might have roots in unconscious beliefs about worthiness, or you might be holding onto “money is the root of all evil.” If you hold onto anger with a death grip, it might become your death by eating away your liver or causing cancer in your lymphatic system.

The kicker is, we experience many lives and can carry crud from a former lifetime into the present one. And sometimes, what we carry around wasn’t even ours to begin with, but it’s been passed down through your family lineage. I’ve experienced both of those (and healed some of each). Ever wonder why young kids get sick and die? Many of them are healing major energies held in their family lineage (balancing karma) by doing so.

What energy healing can do, is help us to release everything that is holding us back from being the shining light, divine being that we each are at our cores. We can let go of whatever is causing us to be unwell. We can heal beliefs that keep us stuck in our lives or affect our relationships negatively. And we can open up to the knowledge that we are worthy of all of the abundance we can imagine, and more, because we will know that abundance is not finite or limited. As you let go of these lower vibration energies and your overall vibration increases, your love of self increases, and what will be attracted into your life will improve.

Relationships can improve. Abundance and wealth can improve. And health and well-being can improve. It’s all possible.

We each began as a piece of divine energy that desired to be expressed as an individual. In order to do that, we chose to create a physical body and experience life. Part of experiencing life is learning that we can heal, or let go of energy patterns that do not serve us any longer. And in doing so, you can create miracles.

Other than modalities that use the terms energy healing and energy medicine, some other named modalities and technologies that I have used are Reiki, Pranic Healing, Acupuncture, Massage, Matrix Energetics, hypnotherapy, meditation, and shamanic soul retrieval. A talented clairvoyant reader who is versed in energy healing can help you affect healing as they give you a reading. There are lots of ways to manipulate energy and create healing.

Even though the topic of energy healing is huge and has been around for thousands of years, you don’t have to understand how it works for it to work for you. All you have to do is be open to the possibility of change.

(A few years ago, when I was first learning about energy healing, I created a YouTube channel of playlists of videos and saved favorite videos that taught me.)

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Navigating Whirlpools and Ledges

When you navigate a boat or ship through the water, there are a few things you do not want to do. Running up on rocks and getting caught in a whirlpool are two of the biggies.

Everyone comes across whirlpools and rock ledges in their lives. If you’re lucky, the ledge is marked by a lighthouse, and your lookout has sighted the whirlpool before it’s swirls have a death-grip on your hull.

But once in a while, there is an unmarked, undiscovered ledge that doesn’t have a lighted beacon yet, and your lookout is asleep at the wheel.

So how do you handle these situations?

Over the years, I’ve handled them in different ways, from pretending the rocks aren’t there (let me tell you, that one doesn’t end well), to bumping into them and being able to get a tow off (with minimal hull damage), to listening to my intuition screaming at me, “Hard to starboard!”

Over three months ago, our voyage was interrupted by one giant whirlpool that my lookout never saw coming. In one day, the entire ship was caught in the swirl, being pulled under, and my son started to drown.

He was caught by the never-ending swirl of severe anxiety and panic attacks.

photo from Google Images

All hands manned emergency stations as I called out for aide. One by one, rescue vessels threw us tow lines, but the strength of the whirlpool was almost too much. For the past few months, we’ve been holding on, trying to not go down with the ship.

A few weeks ago, another vessel arrived and threw on another line. It looks like this one might have made the difference.

The swirling and whirling is beginning to slacken off a bit. But we are diligent to keep a sharp lookout for cracks in the hull. One crack letting too much water in, and the pumps might not be able to stay ahead of the influx of water. So far, any cracks have been minor, and we’ve been able to get most of them sealed up.

How have we made it this far? By taking stock of the situation when it arose, taking decisive steps, and holding fast to the knowledge that whirlpools are temporary. They eventually lose their centrifugal force and slack off.

Along the way, there have been moments where the ship’s captain and crew had their faith tested. Their faith in the assist vessels and faith that the whirlpool would eventually dissipate.

It looks like we’re beginning to come out the other side. Finally.

page break

Looking at hard times in life as battles is never the way, because when you push against something and fight it, it only pushes back. Instead, I’ve learned to see them as voyages to traverse; some easier and others longer. Some are rocky or want to suck you down, while others are mere bumps in the road.

The last several months have been a lesson in anxiety and depression that I never saw coming. I never imagined my son would be crippled and held hostage by his brain. The thought of my son being decimated by mental illness kills me. Absolutely kills me.

One thing I had faith in from the beginning was that as long as I kept asking the Universe to send help, I would find it. And it arrived in the form of a wonderful intuitive naturopath and a homeschooling teacher who is guiding us.

In working with the doctor, making dietary changes and adding some supplements, Little Man’s body and brain are healing. He might need some help to feel ok for a while, and that’s just fine by me.

Looks like we’re beginning to emerge from the whirlpool. And for a while, at least, we’ll keep a tow line or two on for safety. Fair winds and following seas to all of you.

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Spring Tulip Festival 2016

Every April, the county where in live in Washington state celebrates the advent of spring with a Tulip Festival. It runs the entire month, but the flowers come up and bloom in their own time. This year they were on the early side, with the large fields in full bloom just before the official start of the festival on April 1.

By mid month, the flowers in the fields were topped (by hand).

My favorite tulip viewing garden is about a half hour’s drive away, and is hand planted every year with about a million bulbs. It’s an amazing sight to behold with the incredible variety of tulips and other spring bulbs. The different colors, sizes, petal shapes and configurations are mind-blowing. Most of these are not fragrant, but a very few are. I think the only tulips I don’t care for are the fringed petal ones. They just seem weird to me.

Because the area has become so very popular with the help of the internet and social media, traffic to see these flowers can be a bit of a nightmare. I chose a Monday later afternoon, when the crowds were thin, to indulge my love of photographing nature. Enjoy a handful of my favorite shots.

Please remember that these photos are copyrighted to me. If you’d like to use one, simply ask.

Do you have a favorite flower? Do you prefer selecting a flower based on how it looks, or its fragrance?

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Always Choose Heart

From Google Images

I think the biggest lesson in life is to choose heart. When you are faced with really big and scary decisions, choose based on how it feels when you feel through your heart. Are you making decisions because you are afraid of what will happen if you don’t choose one thing over another? Or are you choosing something because it feels right for you? Remember, something might feel right and work for someone else and absolutely not be right for you. Only you know what’s right for you. And when you connect to your heart and feel into decisions you make, it’s the way to go.

Another thing that I’ve been noticing is, there is no right or wrong. Right and wrong are judgments that we have learned to put onto people and situations. So, if you’re afraid to make a decision based on your heart because you feel it would be the wrong way to go, know that it’s just judgment and fear that’s holding you back. The bravest decisions are ones that you know in your soul are the right ones, and you go with them, despite everyone around you screaming at you that you’re wrong. Instead of thinking of something as being right or being wrong, think of whether the decision makes your heart or body contract or expand. Expansion feels better. Go with what feels better.

As a parent, one of my biggest fears has been that I might screw up my kid. I recently learned, during a hypnotherapy session, why this thought has been with me for over 35 years. Digging that fear up and creating a lot of healing around it has created space, freedom for me to make decisions around my child, based on heart and not the fear of screwing him up.

Just that one shift can make all the difference in what my son’s life will look like. Will it look better or worse 10 and 20 years down the line, than if I had never healed that belief in me? It doesn’t matter, because better and worse are judging by my limited “human” perception. One thing I know is that his life will be in more alignment with what his soul wanted to achieve during this lifetime.

My healing and letting go of old beliefs that are not in alignment with my true, divine self, inform every part of my life. They affect decisions I make every day from what I choose to eat, to how I spend my time, to what color shirt I put on, to the decisions I make as a spouse and as a parent. The more decisions (and especially the big ones) I make based on my heart, the more my life will reflect the divinity that is within me; and the same applies to you. The challenge as I see it, is to be brave enough to choose heart over fear.

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Sticks and Stones May Break My Bones

The brain is a magical thing. It helps keep us alive. It helps animate this very body that I live in. And a swirl of chemicals within it controls a bazillion functions and feelings. Part of our brain controls our automated functions like breathing and digestion, while another part acts like a computer processor, and handles all sorts of things like speech and language and motor coordination.

One thing the brain does well is to process our every day experiences and file things away. We experience so very many things every single day that we can’t keep them in our working memory, and we end up filing them into our deep filing system, our subconscious. This is also where we file things we do repetitively and without thinking.

Some things we experience are too painful to keep remembering, so our brain plays games with us and makes up stories that help us to feel better. Lies. And when we are very little we file these experiences with their lies into the deep filing system too, just in a different spot.

When I started to dig into healing my childhood about five years ago, instead of seeing a counselor (again), my path led me to some talented intuitive healers. They either were born with this gift full-on, or developed it with training (as anyone can). And during one of the healing sessions I had, the woman I was working with tuned into my childhood and my relationship with my mother. She intuitively saw my mother verbally going at me. She said it felt like electrical shocks to my young self. I didn’t remember it, but then again, I didn’t remember much of my childhood. Even though I didn’t specifically remember it, there was something about it that rang true for me. It felt true.

Since that time, I’ve used hypnotherapy to go back in time and have seen several instances of my mother going off on me in a state of mania. She sliced and diced me with her sharp tongue every time she ramped up into mania. But it was only with me, never my brothers. It would take nothing for me to trigger her and, whammo! Look out!

When you can be a target at the drop of a hat, you learn how to read people very well. You read their voice, their body language, and how they move. You learn when the viper is ready to strike and when it’s sleeping. I am very good at detecting when someone is being deceptive or inauthentic.

Until I started working with intuitives and tapping into my subconscious myself, I didn’t address much of my childhood. Most of it was a big blank. How can you make any headway with counseling when you can’t remember? My brain filed things away so I couldn’t remember the pain. Just because I couldn’t remember, doesn’t mean it didn’t affect me.

The destruction was done. The evidence was through and through. I had no personal boundaries. I was a door mat. I had no self-esteem, no regard for myself, no love or respect for myself. And my wounded child would act out in ways that I could never associate with her. I didn’t even know she existed.

Working with intuitives and finding ways to access my subconscious (hypnosis) has been the only way I’ve been able to make the tremendous progress that I’ve made in the past five years. As I started to dig in and pick up the pieces of my childhood, I began to realize just how many broken pieces were still out there to find. Every time I bring a bit of myself back, I feel more and more like the true me. I still have a lot of holes in my young memory, but a lot of wounds have been healed and pieces of my soul have been retrieved. There is still a way to go, but I’m getting there bit by bit. And every life challenge, every bump in the road, is a neon sign for me pointing out unhealed wounds to lovingly attend to.

I may not have had bones broken when I grew up, but wounds caused by verbal assault are every bit as scarring. And they need to be addressed and healed every bit as much as setting a broken bone with a cast.

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Happiness Is…

Late Day Tulip Field (copyright mariner2mother)

Late Day Tulip Field (copyright mariner2mother)

Happiness is reaching out, helping lift someone’s spirits.

Happiness is feeling better today than yesterday.

Happiness is a transient state of mind. It comes and goes.

I am grateful for when happiness is here, and for when it returns.

Happiness is a funny and fickle thing.

Little things make me happy. And little things can close me off to it.

Happiness feels good. To me, it’s a young cousin to Joy.

Joy feels deeper and more solemn. Happiness is light and bubbly, like Ginger Ale.

This morning, I received a correspondence that giving of myself was well received. I gave from my heart, and it was received with gratitude. That made me very happy. Extremely happy, in fact.

A few more things that make me happy in this very moment are:

looking out my window to a rhododendron bush beginning to bloom,

My early rhodie. (copyright mariner2mother)

My early rhodie. (copyright mariner2mother)

seeing the lawn that has recently been cut and doesn’t need another mow quite yet,

looking out my kitchen window into a bush where a robin is building a nest,

and thinking about the few moments over the past 2 1/2 months when my Little Man is able to find his happiness again. They are few and far between right now, but are increasing.

What is making you happy in this moment? What was the last thing that made you happy? Do you feel that you can make a conscious choice to be happy when you’re not?


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What Do You See?

Yesterday was an extremely hard day. My moods can dip and dive until I’m crawling on my belly in the spring mud; right there next to the skunk cabbage. But I pushed myself to get out the door, my ass dragging ten feet behind me, and do some much needed grocery shopping. As I drove down the boulevard in my silver pine mica minivan (yes, that’s the official name of the color), feeling like crap on a log, shit on a shingle, this thought came to me…

What do you see?

What do you see when you look at me behind the wheel of my car?

When you look at me you see a middle aged, overweight woman in her mom uniform: jeans, a t-shirt and a thin fleece, with her uncolored hair pulled back in a big barrette, wearing simple stud earrings and glasses. You see this average, generic woman driving a minivan, so you assume I have kids and they play sports and do other activities. You see me driving, on a mission to do all sorts of errands and then get back to home base where I have cooking, cleaning, and other household chores waiting.

What do you see?

You see whatever your lenses of experience and perception allow you to see. You see what you expect to see. You see me through your filters.

But what you don’t see is a woman who is struggling to just exist. You don’t see a woman who fantasizes about what it would be like to no longer have to deal with any of the hard things in life that day. It could be so easy to just step out and be done with it all.

You don’t see my past. You don’t see my feelings. You don’t see my struggles. You don’t see my heart.

You don’t see that even though I drive a minivan, I have only one child; and that this one child is going through a very rough patch right now. You don’t see my heart breaking for him. You don’t see that some days right now I can barely function, and I hate that my ability to be ok is so inextricably tied to my son, like a noose around my neck.

And you also don’t see that as I’m driving home and notice the dry weather, the patchy clouds in the sky, allowing the sun to peek through now and then, I realize that if I get home and produce something for the family to eat for dinner, there will be time for me to run back out the door with my camera for some photography therapy.

You don’t see that yes, I’m struggling mightily, but I also know that there are some things in my life that help bring me back to level, to contentment. And one of them is photographing nature.

Right now, just a half hour drive away, are over a million tulip bulbs that have been hand planted into an amazing display garden for people to view. There are also fields with rows of colors, with the Cascade Mountains as a backdrop. Hundreds of thousands of visitors will stream into our little valley this month to view the splendor, and I know from experience when the crowds are thick and when they are thin.

And they are thin on a weekday evening from five o’clock on (the garden closes at 7 pm). A time when you see me and assume that I’ll be picking up the kids from some sort of practice, putting dinner on the table, and supervising homework. But you don’t see that my one kid doesn’t do organized activities. And you don’t see that I had to pull him out of school because of his extreme anxiety. And you don’t see that right now, his sleep is completely upside down and that as I get home, he’s only just waking up.

You also don’t see that I have a wonderfully supportive husband who has no qualms about my running off for a few hours of photography therapy, as long as there is something he can scrounge up to eat in the fridge.

I spent 2 1/2 hours walking around nature’s splendor with my camera, letting my heart open back up as I took in the amazing beauty, snapping away (350 times! Plus a few more on my phone).

pink tulip

copyright Susan Snyder

The variety of colors, from solid to variegated, of petal shapes and configurations, and heights of different varieties of tulips, and other spring bulbs, is staggering. A few tulips were on their way out, with petals falling, and a few others were still in bud. But the majority were beautifully open, smiling, waving, beckoning for me to take their picture.

Gazing upon the perfection that is Mother Nature, my heart automatically opens like the flowers, and reaches out touching divinity. Having both feet planted in the dirt and my heart open to the sky is when all is right in my world.

We never know what another person is dealing with in any moment, so if you ever have the choice between reacting towards someone or holding them in a place of compassion, try like crazy to take the road of compassion, especially when it’s the harder choice.

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Spring Tulips

It’s that time of year again! Tulip time!! The valley where I live is home to two of the largest family owned tulip growers in the country. And the month of April celebrates this beautiful flower (and other bulbs) with a tulip festival. There are lots of goings on, including being able to tour fields of colorful tulips and visit a formally planted garden. There are also oodles of art shows, and feeds, tastings and fests galore, and a street fair.

With our weather this time of year being a real crap-shoot of rain, clouds, fog, or sun, we get it all during April. And this month seems to herald seeing more of that big bright yellow orb in the sky than we’ve seen in the past 5 months. Local tulip viewers know that if it’s been rainy, bring your boots to the fields! Puddles make for some great reflection shots.

I haven’t been to the big garden yet, but here are a few photos from two fields I escaped to the other day.

row of yellow tulips

copyright Susan Snyder

pink tulips

copyright Susan Snyder

red tulips

copyright Susan Snyder

I intend to get over to the big garden soon. With the festival now in full swing and the bloom well underway, hoards of people are now making their way into the valley. It can get tricky to plan a time to visit when the weather is cooperating and things aren’t too overcrowded. However, I have to say that as crowded as tulip viewing can get, everyone (that I’ve ever come across) is very considerate of one another, especially when it comes to getting a photo.

Enjoy this short video (put out by Over Skagit in 2015) of our local display garden that I visit every year.


This spring has been especially challenging for me, personally, and photographing nature is some of the best, and my favorite, therapy. Getting outside and communing with Mother Nature is grounding, it brings me back into the present moment, and it lets me see the beauty in things around me that I often pass too quickly by. Feeling gratitude and appreciation for anything, is one of the quickest ways to connect to the higher self. And beautiful tulips make it beyond easy to open up the heart in awe and wonder.

The tulip photos (not the video) in this post are my work (and copyrighted to me as such), and if you would like to use them, all I ask is you credit them to me and this blog.


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