Family Vacation

A week ago, we came home from a family vacation on the coast of Maine, where we’d spent a few weeks enjoying the water, the view, and time away.

Unlike years previous, this trip wasn’t quite the relaxing respite or fun times that it usually is. At least it wasn’t for me. Going through a very intense sort of spiritual awaking called a Kundalini awakening, my body, mind and sensory system are not normal right now. Far from it. And because of it, I am chronically tired to exhausted, I’m often very emotional, and my body is going through all sorts of changes that can bring on aches and pains that mimic the flu or other muscle aches.

Every time my Kundalini energy and body creates “healing”, how my DNA is expressed and as such, the very physical structure of my body and brain changes. With most forms of energy healing, these changes are subtle and small enough that a person can easily handle them with nothing more than some extra sleep for a few days, and a little TLC. But I left “subtle” and “small” behind months ago. There is nothing subtle about the healing action with Kundalini energy. It is extreme.

The most difficult part of this process is caused by my brain being very literally rewired.

When old neural pathways die off in mass, the chemical dumps that I’ve been dealing with mimic things like mental illness and brain damage: fear raining down in my head for no reason, forgetting things like crazy, losing vocabulary words, feeling weak and losing coordination, feeling spaced out and not feeling like myself. There have even been times when I’ve barely felt human. Fortunately, I know these are temporary, but it takes time for my body to process all of these physical changes.

Along with a host of physical, mental and emotional effects, Kundalini energy cranks my heart open. My heart opens to those in pain around me, and when their pain resonates in me, it creates healing in my body without my having to “do” anything other than just be with that person. In the long run, I’m letting go of my own life pains, like fear, jealousy, sadness, and anger, and becoming amazingly compassionate and understanding of people’s pain (what I think of as their disconnect from their soul). But short-term, I’m experiencing days and weeks of a living hell.

I understand that a huge part of my Kundalini awakening is helping me to heal childhood hurts at a level that is unheard of. No form of therapy or medication can create the healing that’s happening in me. And that alone, will make these hard times worth it. One day…

Despite my being a tired, mental, emotional mess during a good part of our vacation, it didn’t keep me from my love of photography. My camera was a constant source of welcome distraction, capturing scenes to revisit and share. Enjoy the fruits of my passion.

Just a quick note that I took all these photos with my point and shoot Canon Powershot SX 710HS (unless noted otherwise), and used minimal editing.

I have a weakness for sunrises and sunsets. Typical of New England, we had all sorts of weather while we were there, from a few clear and calm days, to clear windy days, to overcast, rainy and stormy days. Made for a variety of photo ops.

We love to get out to our favorite local lighthouses.

There are lots of working boats during the summer season. Tourism and fishing, including lobstering, are two major sources of income to the area.

And here is one final gallery.

There is nothing like the smell of salt air and spending time by the ocean.


About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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15 Responses to Family Vacation

  1. bethanyk says:

    I enjoyed each of these pictures very much!!!!! They were stunning

  2. candidkay says:

    You and I need to sit and have a conversation where you can fill me in on all these things you know so much of! Fascinating.

    • I hear you! The past six years has been a whirlwind of education and experiences and waking up spiritually (twice!). Who knew? I’m trying to write more about this process over on my other blog, Remembering My Divinity. And it’s one of those things where I’m having to go through the process far enough to even be able to speak about it, never mind figure out how to describe something that just about no one in this country has heard of. I’ve had some good teachers, one incredible mentor, and a lot of grace along the way.

      Once my son is no longer my #1 focus here at home, I intend to share more of what I’m learning (?write a book or give talks?), and I want to offer healing services in some form (will likely go to school to learn hypnotherapy because I know how incredibly powerful it can be). I’m actually chomping at the bit, wanting to share what I’ve learned. In time…

  3. It was a beautiful time of year to visit Maine, I think. Not too hot or rainy! Lovely pictures!

  4. Loved the dock and sun pictures!

  5. bethanyk says:

    I looked at these marvelous pics again

  6. Eli Pacheco says:

    I feel these symptoms mildly at times and now I wonder. Also, my favorite shots are the sunsets and one of the deck chairs. Most times I see the sun set or rise, I’m driving! And wish i could snap a picture or three.

    • We’re very fortunate that this cottage overlooks a big bay, and faces east. We get sunrise every morning. I hear you about driving! There’s nothing as frustrating as seeing something so beautiful as a sunrise or set and not being able to photograph it. Sometimes I use those “oh wow” moments to sink into gratitude.

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