Life Is Not A Guided Tour, Or Is It?

When I started this blog just over six and a half years ago, I titled it, “Life Is A Journey, Not A Guided Tour” because that’s how I felt about life. That it’s a grand journey full of all sorts of adventures, good and bad, that I have to figure out. No one is going to come along and do it for me. At that point, my life had taken me places I’d never anticipated when I was a teenager.

By the time I was about sixteen or so, I thought I had it all figured out. What teenager doesn’t think they’ve got it all figured out? I’d go to college, get out and find a job, within a few years get married and a few years later, have a family. By the time I was twenty-six, I’d probably have a husband and a kid or two with more to come. I never really saw beyond that. My life was all planned out. Or So I thought.

But one by one, as I listened to my heart, my plans changed. First in college, switching my major half-way through, which meant graduating with no real direction. By the time I was twenty-six, I’d floated around from here to there and found some direction by following my passion (the ocean), and went back to college. Pretty soon, my life took me around the globe, sailing on ships.

Growing up, I’d never had an interest in travel or in foreign countries, so I found it funny that my life would take me to almost every ocean, several seas, and almost every continent on the planet.

And I never planned on meeting my husband on a ship. In fact, I recognized that most merchant seamen were not what I considered husband material, and I was absolutely not looking. My plans were to ship out for 3 – 5 years, long enough to pay off school debt, save some money, get some experience under my belt, and find a job that would be back on a smaller vessels that allowed me to be home more often than 30 days a year. (I’d worked on small boats and had a limited captain’s license before going back to college).

Once again, life laughed at my plans and I met the man who would become my husband, during my first year of shipping out. We married six years later. And having my first and only child at 38 was certainly never in my plans. Yet, that’s how things worked out.

Another thing that was never in my plans was having a child who is a little bit different from the norm, with some developmental delays and a brain that is wired differently. That rocked my boat in ways that I’m still adjusting to.

Something that was certainly not on my radar, was having a spiritual awakening. I was not raised in a religious or even spiritual home. That topic fell along the lines of politics: not to be discussed at the dinner table. So, they actually weren’t talked about at all between my parents or us.

But awaken I did. And with a new perspective of life and new understanding of the unseen realm. Since that fateful time, almost six years ago, I’ve had a bunch of experiences that have deepened my understanding about the unseen realm and have moved a bit of what I used to believe into the category of what I now know.

And one of the things I now know, is that I have a team in the spirit world that supports me whenever I ask. I am never alone. And I am always unconditionally loved. Sometimes I forget these things because I’m human. And at this stage of life, brain drop-out is a real thing.

But there really, truly is otherworldly guidance we can access at any time. It’s taken me a few classes and a bunch of experiences to recognize guidance that hits me as such. But the hints and clues are all around. You may or may not get big alarm bells in the front of your head. You might get very quick whispers at the back of your head (mostly what I get). You might hear a song on the radio or see something on a license plate of the car in front of you. You might have a friend share something that speaks to you.

Or you might bring in a professional clairvoyant to help you hear the messages more clearly and easily. FYI, if you see a psychic and the things they tell you don’t resonate with you, don’t go back. Everyone worth their salt will be telling you things you already know at some level. They might be able to add more details and more information.

The very best guidance of all is learning to listen through your heart. Looking back on my life, it was when I made big and often scary decisions through the lens of my heart, that I was carried to where I was supposed to go. Not that there truly is a right and wrong place in life to go. But, I believe that our souls have goals for us, and to further those goals, if you follow your heart as much as you dare, you’ll get there.

So, once again, the joke’s on me because yes, life is a journey, and yes, it is also very much a guided tour, as long as I pay attention and listen through my heart.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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18 Responses to Life Is Not A Guided Tour, Or Is It?

  1. Susan, saw your piece come in and wanted to take a break from the heavy editing I’m working on… and what an inspiration. I think this may be one of my very favorite pieces you’ve written: heart felt, clear, poignant, and inspirational–– beautiful! This line: “The very best guidance of all is learning to listen through your heart,” it’s really the truth in everything. Happy holidays blog friend! xo

  2. Great post and perfect thoughts to transition from one year to the next. Merry Christmas!

  3. candidkay says:

    I’m a big believer that we help chart each life we come into. I love that you did that and then entered into human form again so wholly that you surprised yourself along the way:). Talk about true learning . . .

  4. janonlife says:

    Beautifully expressed as always. I love the way you used your blog title to explore the idea. Maybe mine needs updating, too…
    Very wonderful to know that we are being guided as we explore all the amazing places and experiences along the way.

    • Thanks Jan. I think that when I titled the blog, someone at a different level might have helped inspire this particular title, without my conscious knowledge. It seems that there are times when I am in a writing state of mind, that I visit another dimension or something like that.

  5. jamivee says:

    This is soooo good! I don’t even know where to begin…..

    Life laughs at our plans, doesn’t it?! Funny how long it takes us (if ever) to be okay with that. I think it takes the spiritual awakening to fully comprehend life laughing at your plans.

    I LOVE how you describe the change from “believing” to “knowing”. Just perfect.

    And I also love how you acknowledge forgetting all of this, because you are human. It’s SO easy to forget! “This”…meaning, this whole thing we are doing with ourselves (you and me and whoever else “knows”) takes a LOT of work. There’s still so much other stuff in life for us to do, it’s just so easy to forget and get off track. The work never ends, but that’s ok, because I know I don’t ever want to go back to my “plans”…ever:)

  6. Eli Pacheco says:

    I feel more receptive to all the forces around me than I ever have, and I try not to fret over time lost. Only today, only what’s next, only what the unexpected holds for me. You’re very much an influence in this way of thinking, and this post sums up why.

  7. Nice post, Sue. I find I’m enjoying reading your blogs more lately. Maybe it’s more thoughtfulness and self-reflection combined with the reminder of who we are as spirit. Keep up the good work. Bob

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