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Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound healing can be very powerful. Several days ago I felt the need for healing sound vibrations to reverberate through my body and was pleased to see my local Reiki Master whose tool kit includes sound healing. Upon my request, … Continue reading

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Surrender and Acceptance

For the past few weeks, I’d been sitting on a cloud of hope. Hope that working with a talented healer I was guided to would help me create the inner and outer coherence that’s been missing from my life for … Continue reading

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As a photographer, I sometimes use filters to modify images I shoot. These days it’s easy to add a filter after the shot’s been taken. I may soften the look of the subject, tweak with the light, add or enhance … Continue reading

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Never Regret Choosing Love

Mothering a child with invisible disabilities is not easy, but it’s rewarding. It’s a path chosen by souls who want to evolve. The interplay between my son’s and my life has included great joys and plenty of times that weren’t … Continue reading

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Signs and Synchronicities

I used to think like so many people that coincidences were just that: a coincidence. And that sometimes I just got lucky. The thing is, when you learn to see invisible threads connecting things, coincidences become synchronicities. And luck becomes … Continue reading

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The River’s Journey

Once upon a time, there was a river who wondered where they came from. Following upriver they noticed becoming more shallow and narrow until they were actually a stream. They wondered, am I a river or am I a stream? … Continue reading

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Musing on Mystics

Not too long ago I hopped online and saw a video with the title, “True Mystics – Knowers are Not Believers.” It was posted by a modern-day mystic I follow who’s had two near-death experiences. It got me thinking about … Continue reading

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Noticing Changes

Have you ever had a headache and when it goes away not notice it for a while? Until the realization suddenly hits you that your head no longer hurts? This is the way I am with so many things. When … Continue reading

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A Dozen Years!

Just the other day WordPress let me know I’ve been writing this blog for twelve years. Twelve! A dozen! I could say something like ‘my how time flies’ but in a lot of ways it really hasn’t. And it’s ok. … Continue reading

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Deep down inside we’re wired for connection. To reach out. To share. To bond. To come together in joy and in grief. There’s something about connection that feeds our soul. That said, there’s an inner disconnection that’s been simmering inside. … Continue reading

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