Keeping The Focus On Love

It’s no mistake that right now our world is being shaken up quite vigorously. It’s quite on purpose that there are a lot of people being activated and rising up in protest at the moment. There is a very big reason behind all of the unrest and discontent of the times.

It is a time of great change, and for great change to happen, great, uncomfortable, reactivity and spinning out of fear, lack, limitation, hate, and intolerance are coming to the party. Chaos and breaking down of systems and institutions abound.

Structures that no longer fit and systems that no longer work for the majority need to change and adapt. It’s never comfortable when changing structures and systems. As long as they work for the majority, they aren’t challenged, and as such, are comfortable. It’s when they no longer work for the majority that things become uncomfortable. And there eventually becomes a tipping point when change must happen.

Because our society’s consciousness has risen as much as it has, structures and systems that no longer reflect our current consciousness have to change; they must reflect the change in our level of consciousness.

Structures, institutions, and systems always reflect the consciousness of its people.

Something I recently saw with great clarity, is that when people are connected to their own intuition and inner knowing, they have a healthy sense of self and self-love. They have great self-esteem. When people are fully connected to their intuition and inner knowing, they know that they are eternal beings whose soul never dies, and the fear of death goes away. They understand how what they believe about themselves and about life impacts the creation of their lives, and there is no sense of lack or limitation. They creatively solve problems with the goal of improving the lives of everyone, while being respectful of the environment. There is no fear, and thus no hording of anything or overuse of natural resources.

When people are fully connected to their intuition and inner knowing, they embody their true essence of love, compassion, unity, community, and acceptance. People naturally come together to help one another, instead of fearfully separating ourselves into arbitrary groups based on our differences. Connected people understand that beneath different exteriors, we all have the same core of love, compassion, and acceptance. When we are secure with ourselves, we appreciate the variety of interests and talents and skills of other people, instead of being threatened by them. We value our differences and use them to our advantage.

When people understand that what their heart focuses on is what will become their reality, they keep their eyes on the prize of love, unity, and compassion. When people learn how to heal their fears and heal all the beliefs that they created to fit into a world that wasn’t aligned with their core selves, the world will change even more. When people learn to heal what’s in their way of knowing themselves as loving, compassionate and fully accepting beings, the world will have no choice but to reflect that change.

I have a dream that everyone will learn how to heal their inner wounded child. And in doing so, the passing down of wounds will no longer need to be perpetuated. I have a dream that everyone will be fully connected to their loving and compassionate inner core, and that their acceptance of themselves will spill out to the world with acceptance for all. I have a dream that everyone will know their eternal nature, and will remember that life is never-ending, thus ending all fear of death. I have a dream that we will maintain our connection to the invisible field of consciousness and information that connects us all, and in doing so, we will remember our abilities to communicate telepathically, and will be able to access any and all knowledge simply at will, and will be able to communicate with beings who are no longer inhabiting a physical body in the here and now.

I have a dream that everyone will understand the mechanics of disease and illness, and will know the role that their own beliefs have in the creation of disease, illness and pain. I have a dream that with this knowledge, energy healers will play a huge role in helping people clean up all their wonky beliefs and fears, reconnecting themselves to their innate wisdom, to their core truth, and will end cycles of passing on wounds to each subsequent generation.

This is not a pipe dream. More and more children are being born every day who haven’t lost their connection to their intuition and inner knowing. They are born remembering they are love and compassion, and they want nothing more than to help others and for others to feel good. More and more children are being born with the natural ability to heal those around them. They feel others pain and transmute it, not even consciously realizing they are doing it. More and more children are being born whose nature is community and who intuitively love and respect our planet and nature.

Children are not born with fear of death, it is taught to them. Children are not born fearful of those who are different from them, it is taught to them. Children are not born filled with fear of lack and not enough, it is taught to them. Children are not born filled with hate, it is taught to them. Children are not born disconnected from who they are, it is socialized out of them.

More and more children are being born who learn differently and who are so connected to the invisible field of consciousness that they often just know things without knowing how they know them. They can’t show how they got their answer, because they reached up into the big cloud that contains all information, and grabbed it, and most adults don’t know about this yet. Many of these children have been labeled as dysfunctional or deficient.

More and more children are being born with amazing gifts in one area of life, bringing in talents from other lifetimes because they weren’t completely forgotten. They are called prodigies or savants. More and more children are being born with the ability to laser focus on what they want until it has no choice but to come to fruition. Yes, they have trouble focusing on things that don’t interest them, but they are born with the incredible tools to manifest anything their hearts desire. They are called deficient and disordered.

Many of these very special and amazing children are seen as defective because their gifts are not understood. They are not appreciated and validated for their amazing talents because we adults are not educated about how incredible they are. We, who are still steeped in fear, lack, self-loathing, limitation, and separation mentality, only look for deficits and differences. We constantly project our own deficits and deficiencies on everyone around us. We insist on conformity and uniformity because being different and unique scares us still. These “defective, dysfunctional, and deficient” children are all masters at something. It’s up to the adults to figure out what that is and to nourish it and them. They are here to teach us, to assist in our evolution.

The systems and institutions we have created mirror where we are as a people. But as we the people grow and evolve, as we become more connected to our core selves and as we remember our truths, our collective consciousness has no choice but to rise up and up. As that happens, society’s institutions and systems have no choice but to reflect the change.

I have a dream that as the old is breaking down, and the new is being created, what is being created will reflect my connection to my compassionate, accepting, loving self. It will appreciate everyone for their unique gifts and talents, without fear of differences. The new will be created from a sense of eternal abundance, and without the fear of not enough, the planet and all of her resources will be more than enough for everyone. We will become proficient in harnessing energy from invisible fields that the planet holds. (The knowledge is already here, but people who control our existing power sources are currently too afraid to change).

I know my dreams are lofty ones, but I see them coming to fruition. As we all wake up to our core, loving, compassionate selves, we eventually reach the tipping point where society as a whole makes the shift. The bigger the gap between where we were and where we now are, with regards to our consciousness, the more uncomfortable the shift and change. But fear not, uncomfortable is not bad, it’s just uncomfortable. Change is not bad, it’s just new and different.

The reason why the world looks and feels uncomfortable and chaotic right now is because we have tipped. Enough people have changed that society is merely reflecting that change. In response, systems and institutions that no longer work for the majority have no choice but to also reflect change.

What is our role in all of this change? Keep your focus on what you want to see come to fruition. My focus comes from inside of me: it all comes from my connection to myself as the loving and compassionate being I know I am. My focus is based on the knowledge that there is enough for everyone, and that fear has no place in my life. My focus is based on knowing that everyone has the same basic goals and wishes in life: to love and be loved and to make a difference. To have a sense of purpose. To matter. And my focus is based on knowing that the more I’m connected to my own inner wisdom, the more easily answers to every question and solutions to every problem easily pop into my life.

What sort of world are you creating?

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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9 Responses to Keeping The Focus On Love

  1. Jami Carder says:

    I totally agree…something bigger is happening here, amidst all this angst and chaos. Everyone is feeling this way because the universe is pointing us in another direction. Maybe once the dust settles, all your dreams will come true:)

  2. omniparticle says:

    I was one of those ” defected ” kid before I was 9… then I was a champion girl after that… I felt strange that after being a champion girl, I could not see 360 degree visions anymore… recently – after so many decades, and being successful in our world – I felt the gift and ability I used to have before I was 9 came back to me and I was in bliss… and guess what? Some of my close friends began to worry about me to be spaced out so often and they are complained about I was not grounded and to listen to what they are saying… it was not I am not listening but I only need to listen once not 100 times… and I felt the pain I used to feel of being ” stupid” however I know I am not ” stupid ” and I would not say they are stupid… nobody is stupid, Our brain is like a computer with different windows that function differently with different data and how to utilize the data… some people do not know how to access the entire computer but only sending emails… it is like some people only like to talk about ” life ” that was not life at all but mind controlled programs… and these people often feel if the ones do not join the ” conversation” might be ” defected. ” ^_^

    • Thanks for your comment Star. I hate labels of “less than” just because people are different. I am lucky that some intuitive people clued me in about my son when he was about 8. I only wish I’d known right from the beginning. And I wish I’d understood more fully what’s taken me six years to understand. I recently had the download that the most important form of intelligence is when we are connected to our Divine selves and trust ourselves.

  3. Perfectly said. So much to say here. But all I can manage for now is YES.

  4. The Hook says:

    Hopefully a better one for my daughter.
    I applaud your efforts, old friend.
    keep up the good work!

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