Anatomy of a Miracle

I’ve always thought of a miracle as something that happens mysteriously, and in an instant. As I am learning about and understanding the energetic world beyond what we see with our eyeballs, we can help create miracles. They can happen at any time, and so easily you wouldn’t believe it.

About 7 weeks ago, I was able to facillitate an energetic shift that had an effect here on the physical plane. By the way, this is what all this “healing” is about: shifting energy and thus changing things physical. In any case, at the time, I was tired of being used as a verbal punching bag by my mentally ill mother.

I was at my wit’s end, and called in to one of my favorite online radio shows, Ask Sara With Sara Wiseman, to do just that: to ask Sara for help. Oh yeah, if you don’t know her show, she’s psychic. I asked her why Mom’s tongue turns into Ginsu knives when she’s manic and disagrees with me. It’s no fun being sliced and diced. The first thing she saw was that Mom didn’t have an issue with me exactly, it was more of something at the energetic level between us.

It slices, it dices!

She saw that Mom had been wounded as a young girl of about 4 or 6 years old, and the next time I was going to meditate, I should go back to look at the time just before the wounding occurred. Having my homework assignment, the next morning when I was meditating, I set out to see what I could see.

In my mind, I decided to become my mother as a young girl just before she was wounded, and asked to see what happened. After sitting quietly for a few minutes, a shadowy image began to form in my mind’s eye. I could see my grandmother going off on my mom, yelling quite strongly, and scaring her. Then a phrase popped into my head- “It was not about you. You were perfect.” That phrase was the voice of the divine. It was telling my young mom that there was nothing wrong with her to cause her mother to wound her; the issue was with her mother.

In a flash I saw the very same dynamic between me and my mother. It was not about me. I was perfect, as in a perfect child of God. And in the next instant, I saw a chain of mother wounding daughter that stretched back and back in my family. Aha! A karmic chain! I knew in a moment that this karmic chain had been going on and on, and would have continued, except that I was able to see it and heal it. Well, I didn’t exactly do the healing.

As soon as I had the aha moment, I called in my healing guide Archer, Archangel Raphael (who is known for his healing abilities), and the biggie healer for me, Jesus. I asked them to please heal my heart, the heart of my mother and her mother, and to go back as far as was needed. After spending a few more quiet moments and shedding some pretty emotional tears, my work was done. The next question I had was, did it work?

I knew that it would be pretty easy to see a change, as at this time, my mother was very manic and going higher. And I had experienced Ginsu tongue fairly recently. I waited almost a week without calling Mom to check on her. And then she called me. We talked and I disagreed with her on some things, expecting to have my head ripped off. Nothing. I poked my nose into her business, waiting for it to be cut off. Nothing. I became cautiously optimistic.

About a week or so after that, Mom threw away her all of her medications. When she is very manic, she becomes delusional. When the mania ramps up further, the delusions are accompanied by paranoia. She ended up completely losing touch with reality and having to be hospitalized. But this reactive anger has not come back. The knives have been sheathed, and I’m pretty sure it’s for good. The energy was shifted and the karmic chain of mother daughter wounding in my family is healed. I’d call that a miracle.

About mariner2mother

I'm a mother of a creative 20 year old son, a former merchant ship's deck officer, and a wife. To feed my creative side I take photos. I am also Reiki attuned and am a student of Energy Healing, having used several healing modalities to work on myself and my family. My most recent adventure has me navigating a very challenging Kundalini Awakening.
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10 Responses to Anatomy of a Miracle

  1. emjayandthem says:

    This is a beautifully written and insightful post. You will help many by sharing this story. PS I came over by way of Lenore Diane’s site 🙂 MJ

    And I’m totally using “Ginsu Tongue” – someone I know came to mind as soon as I read that- bravo!

    • Thank you, and thanks for stopping by. One of my longer comments to Lenore is actually more revealing than what you’ll read here. And yes, growing up in close proximity to a tongue that would slice and dice at a moments notice (and you wouldn’t know when that would be) reminds me of those Ginsu knives. (Love the knives, by the way).

  2. Incredible!! I have chills, Sue! I will have to email you more in detail. But I am just amazed by what you wrote. I have a similar thing going on with my mother. Once a psychic described a past life where she was my mother-in-law and treated me horribly so our relationship dynamic goes way back, I’m afraid, it’s a pattern. Anyway, sorry to hijack your insights with my stuff again. I am thrilled to read this about you and it is indeed a miracle. I have an upcoming post I’d like you to read. It’s about my father and a dream I had last week. He came to me and showed me a way to heal these wounds my mom gave me.

    • Holy crap, woman! Now you’re giving ME chills. Yes, we all can shift energy. It’s just a matter of learning about it, and learning how to do it. I’m still learning, but having an experience like this absolutely blew me away. And even my mom’s therapist sees a change and doesn’t know where it came from or why. And she (the therapist) thinks it may not last. I, however, know the truth of it and have to give a little chuckle.

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  5. Ned's Blog says:

    There is definitely a psychic chain that stretches through every family. I never met my grandfather, who committed suicidee when I was little, but I have read letters he wrote my mom and it’s like reading my own writing. The cadence and style are nearly exact. The fact that you were able to recognize that chain and visualize it is powerful stuff. As we grow up, the best we can do is try to learn from our parents mistakes, as well as their accomplishments. The key to both is understanding why they made those choices.

    In your case, your miracle helped you see clearly the “why” in your mother’s abuse. And in so doing, has allowed you to not repeat it. Truly amazing, Susan…

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